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The 87-year-old woman was rescued in time thanks to the fall detection feature on Apple Watch Series 4

The 87-year-old Dotty White, who lives in Maine – the United States has been promptly rescued in a traffic accident. Fortunately, the Apple Watch Series 4 she was wearing has automatically made an emergency call thanks to the fall detection feature.

On that day Mrs. White drove from the grocery store back home and suddenly there was a car crashing straight into her, causing her a serious injury. While in a daze of being unable to hook up the phone, the Apple Watch Series 4 identified her as having "Pain", then automatically called to rescue and contacted her son and daughter, signaling It is clear that Mrs. White is having an injury and locating the accident site.

The result of Mrs. White's fracture, however, was discharged and awaited recovery. She was so happy when a wristwatch helped her so much, she shared that there has never been a traffic accident before and has never been punished by police.

Apple believes that the fall detection feature on Apple Watch Series 4 will be based on a user's strong impact injury, not just a simple slipping. For example, a high-intensity physical activity can lead to a false alarm clock because it understands that physical activity is similar to a user who has fallen.

Note: By default this feature will not be enabled on Apple Watch, it is necessary to manually activate it by going to it Watch application – select Emergency SOS – deceive Fall detection


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