The 8 best free programs to surf anonymously

The 8 best free programs to surf anonymously

OnionFruit Connect is a lightweight, improved Tor Connection tool that allows the user to connect their PC to Tor networks in just a few seconds. It acts as a proxy server, meaning that any application (Browser) to use will be routed over the network. Tor is a group of computers structured in such a way as to enable its users to be anonymous on the Internet and launch web traffic through a worldwide voluntary server network designed to conceal a user's location or use of traffic by anyone conducting internet. monitoring or analyzing online traffic.

Using Tor makes it difficult to track the user's online activity including the pages you visit, online posts, instant messaging programs and other online media. You don't need any different Browsers, you can use any. The application starts the tor service and then modifies the proxy settings to route most of your applications through the tunnel created by the tor.

When you see the page that says you are logged in, all your internet data now passing through the tunnel is encrypted. Each site you visit is routed through a different set of servers, making it impossible for you to locate.

The operation is very simple, once you run the application you need to enable it.

As you can see, the application is disabled by default, so all you need to do is enable it and select, if desired, the country from which your Ip will appear. However, you can skip this step and let the program choose the right location for you. From there you will see a page open in your Browser that tells you that the connection was successful. Now you can browse completely anonymously, with a different Ip than your real one.

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