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The 7 Best Wine Advent Calendars for Adults in 2019

You may think it’s too early to start with holiday prep, but there is one thing you’ll want to make sure you buy at the beginning of November. That’s a wine advent calendar. 

Starting last year, advent calendars filled with quarter and half bottles of wine hit the market and became an instant sensation. ALDI, the European supermarket with a big emphasis on wine, sold out of their version in just a few days. 

So why do we go bonkers for tiny bottles of wine packaged in a cardboard box with tiny doors for each day of the advent season? It might have something to do with our urge to drink more in winter, or it might just be an amazing way to get into the holiday spirit. I mean, the idea of a wine advent calendar perfectly marries the childhood excitement of a different chocolate every day with our adult desire to discover and drink wines from around the world. 

This year, be one of the lucky ones to score a great wine advent calendar. Come December 1, you’ll be glad you did!

1. ALDI Wine Advent Calendar


The holy grail of wine advent calendars, ALDI practically invented the concept. It was their wine advent calendar (released originally to the English speaking world in the UK) that got us into the idea that we could make the countdown to Christmas almost as good as the day itself. This year, ALDI is bringing back its famous wine advent calendars on November 6, along with beer, cheese and bubbly advent calendars, too. Grab yours quick, though! These popular calendars will likely sell out.

Image courtesy of ALDI


2. Holiday Spirits Calendars for Adults


If you know what wine you like and don’t want to chance getting a bottle or two that you can’t drink, DIY your advent calendar with the Holiday Spirits Calendars Advent Calendar for Adults. This yuletide box allows you to put whatever wine, spirits or beer you like most inside. This would also make a great gift for friends and family as you can fill the box to individual taste.

wine advent calendar amazon boxImage courtesy of Amazon


3. TobinsWoodWorking Wine Advent Calendar


The TobinsWoodWorking Wine Advent Calendar is a permanent piece you can enjoy year after year. The wooden calendar has space for 24 small bottles of wine and is made from Baltic birch plywood. As an added bonus, this advent calendar is paintable thanks to the fact that the numbers are engraved, so you can make this piece unique to your home.

wine advent calendar etsyImage courtesy of Etsy


4. Costco Wine Advent Calendar


You’ll have to have a Costco membership and access to one of the stores selling the Costco Wine Advent Calendar, but this may be one product that’s worth the price of admission alone. These advent calendars contain 24 half bottles of wine from around the world. There are varieties of red, white and bubbly all with labels you’d find around Costco the rest of the year. Grab one of these calendars for just $99.99, and you’ll be getting a lot of booze for your buck.

wine advent calendar costcoImage courtesy of Costco


5. Macy’s Wine Cellar 2019 Wine Advent Calendar


Moving into the $100+ range, Macy’s Wine Cellar 2019 Special Edition Wine Advent Calendar boasts 24 quarter bottles of wine from some of the best producers around the world. In addition, this advent calendar’s presentation is better than most with an intricate exterior showing an eclectic Christmas tree. Pre-order this advent calendar by November 18, and it will be shipped to you in time for all the holiday festivities beginning December 1.

wine advent calendar macysImage courtesy of Macy’s


6. Give Them Beer Wine Advent Calendar 2019


Despite the name of the company, the Give Them Beer Wine Advent Calendar is one of the best wine advent calendars available for 2019. 12 half bottles with labels you’ll recognize are all hidden behind tiny cardboard doors, waiting for you to enjoy them with each passing day. There are reds, whites and sparkling wines included in the mix. Plus, with half bottles rather than quarter bottles, you’ll get a lot of wine to enjoy even if this calendar is 12 days instead of 24.

wine advent calendar give them beerImage courtesy of Give Them Beer


7. Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine


Were you naughty or nice this year? The Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine comes in one of those two varieties, each with 12 glasses of wine in the box. Order both boxes as a part of this bundle, and you’ll get 24 glasses of wine for the advent season. The wines in either box include a mix of reds and whites that are specially selected for the winter season. Get a box for yourself and give one as a super special gift this year.

wine advent calendar vineboxImage courtesy of Vinebox


These Adult Advent Calendars Upgrade Your Christmas Countdown

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