The 7 Best Free DNS Server Switching Applications

The 7 Best Free DNS Server Switching Applications

The Domain Name System or simply DNS is a naming system for computer networks that use IP protocol. DNS can and does assign names to IP addresses or other names on the Internet or another network, and allows a server or service to be found on a server using a name. DNS is used to assign IP addresses to names so that a network administrator can use names to communicate or simply remember machine names, locations, domain names, etc.

Each time you go to a web page, the browser searches for its address in the DNS system. The faster the nearest DNS server is, the faster the website you visit opens up.

Using the right DNS is crucial to the performance and overall speed of our Internet connection, and not only because using the proper DNS addresses we can, in addition to speed, ensure our network security against malicious attacks and suspicious websites. up to anonymity. So let’s take a look at 7 of the best free apps for this purpose.


DNSBench is a small portable application (no installation required) that will search and point out the fastest ones. After downloading the app! we run it and wait a while to look and see the results. It is important that you do not run any other application on the Internet at the time of testing and do not upload or download files so that the results are completely reliable. Once the measurement is complete, click on Name Servers where you will see the DNS of your connection in the first row and a large number of different DNS Servers below. Click on the Run Benchmark button now and the program will begin their evaluation. Wait a while for the measurement to finish and you’ll see next to each DNS Server a rating. It will display the fastest DNSs in the first few rows. Click on the Tabular Data button if you want to see the exact metrics for each DNS Server separately and click on Conclution to see the comments and suggestions for the application in the comments. If you find that your DNS Servers have a higher response speed in simpler terms, slower select the first one in the DNS rankings.


ChrisPC DNS Switch does nothing more than its name implies, with one difference, we don’t have to intervene anywhere and everything happens automatically with a few clicks. The application provides a simple, comprehensive and fully understandable menu, which allows you to select the network card on which you wish to change your default DNS connection. This way depending on what you choose you can protect your anonymity and privacy and in this case choose a server from a list of predefined Anonymous DNS groups or you can choose to use Secure DNS servers that filter the web pages. which are potentially threats to your computer (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans and malware).

You can also enhance the security of your connection especially when it is used by children by preventing it from linking to websites that may encourage violence, drugs and physical sites that are classified as pornographic.

Finally, you could simply select a faster DNS using any of the predefined DNS groups selected based on the above features. I would recommend, if you are interested in speed, to not prefer this feature as we have already discussed in the previous article. For us, the speed of a DNS server is influenced by many factors and while objectively a DNS server can be very fast but that does not mean that it applies to the whole world.


DnsJumper is a great, free, portable application that will help us do this. It automatically searches for and finds the best DNS IP for your site, it is portable, so no installation is required and all you need to do after downloading it is to run it, select first of all the network card you connect to the internet by selecting from the (Select network adapter) field, click now to find faster DNS, then click on faster DNS application button, then click on Apply – Save DNS Server button.

The Internet is a vast treasure trove of knowledge, but it also contains many dangers especially for children since there is no filter to prevent them from malicious websites of sexual content and beyond. Of course there are many ways to filter all this information but most of the time it requires special settings and knowledge that a single user usually does not have. The application aims at simplicity since with just one click and without any other settings we will be able to protect our children and not only from unwanted content.

How it works: Just download the app to unzip it and run the Angel icon, you don’t have to do any installation and no setup at all, just tap on one of the four options available, namely Norton connect Safe 1, Norton connect Safe 2, Open DNS Family, MetacertDNS, Yandex DNS After clicking on any of these options you will see a green bar appear in the program menu which means your internet browsing is now safe, try now to access any porn site or phish ing sites and general malware websites and the program will automatically prevent you from updating. If you want to return to your original state just press Default DNS and the program will restore you to its original state.

QuickSetDNS, a very simple simple tool that will allow us to easily change the DNS servers we use to connect to the Internet. This way we can easily configure the desired DNS servers from the user interface by selecting from a list of DNS servers we have set.


PublicDNS DNS Server Tool is a small utility for changing DNS servers in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can use it to quickly access one of the known public DNS servers. You can also add your own DNS servers by editing the servers.ini file. It will run on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10


Make your family-friendly tour and protect your children from unwanted websites and inappropriate websites from a ready-made DNS list and filter the sites. Ideal for family.

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