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The 6 Top-Rated TV Wall Mounts on Amazon That Allow For Full Motion

In 2017, it was estimated the average U.S. consumer spent just short of four hours a day watching television. Why does this matter? Four hours is a huge part of your day, and we want you to enjoy this time in the best and most comfortable way possible. Rather than persisting with your TV set on top of a chest of drawers or plonked awkwardly low on an entertainment center, it’s time to mount it correctly with a TV wall mount.

Wall-mounted TVs offer a more comfortable viewing angle and save space in your home, but they also have a lot of other advantages over TV stands. Wall mounts are available in a range of styles from straight forward, against-the-wall options to more complex styles for full range of motion. The style you choose will depend on your at-home requirements. 

When it comes to getting a TV mount for your home, the most daunting step is the installation. But putting your TV on the wall is a more straightforward process than you might think. After just 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll be able to enjoy happy viewing.

Whether you’re an average, four-hour-a-day viewer or not, ensuring a more comfortable TV viewing experience with a TV wall mount is never going to be a decision you regret.

1. Mounting Dream TV Bracket


There are few products on Amazon that maintain a five out of five review score at any point, let alone after nearly 4,000 reviews from users. For this reason, the Mounting Dream TV Bracket is truly a leader in its class. It offers a fully adjustable viewing experience with swivel, tilt and retractable movement, allowing you to choose the exact viewing position you like best. The easy-to-install mount claims it’ll take under 30 minutes to fit and can hold up to 99 pounds of weight. It also includes a bubble level and a nine-inch HDMI cable.

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2. PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket


If you want your TV mounted and only require it to tilt, the PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket ticks all the boxes. This well-reviewed wall mount is made from durable metal and is sturdy enough to support up to 115 pounds of weight. It also provides up to seven degrees of tilt for easier TV viewing. The mount boasts an installation time of only 15 minutes and also includes a six-foot HDMI cable along with a number of cable ties for behind the TV tidiness.

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3. Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket


“We’re going to need a bigger TV wall mount.” Don’t find yourself with this problem by ensuring the TV mount you choose is built to hold any and every TV you buy, regardless of size. This Everstone Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket is made for TVs between 32 and 80 inches, and it provides five degrees of upward tilt upwards and 15 degrees of downward tilt. The kit also includes a spirit level and HDMI cable to ensure easy installation. When flat, the mount keeps your TV 2.8 inches from the wall, providing a near flush finish to give your living room or den an extra cool, modern appearance.

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4. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount


If you want a TV wall mount which has been tried and tested by the most users, the VideoSecu TV Wall Mount may be for you. With over 24,000 positive reviews, you can be confident it’ll do the job you need it to do. It tilts, swivels and retracts, ensuring you can achieve the viewing angle you want. It’s also capable of holding TVs between 27 and 55 inches in size, and the small mounting bracket makes it a great choice if you’re a little short on space.

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5. ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount


With a gap of only 1.25 inches between the wall and your TV, the ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount is the perfect choice for those looking to create the near-flush finish popular in modern decor. The advanced mechanism delivers a click noise when the TV is correctly in place to prevent any unwanted mishaps, and there’s a pull string to release the locking system for easy cable access. The large-sized brackets are capable of mounting TVs up to 80 inches in size, and the mount is compatible with all major TV brands, including LG, Samsung, Vizio and more.

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6. AmazonBasics Full Motion TV Wall Mount


The AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount is another option that ticks an impressive number of boxes. It’s available in a range of sizes with options for TVs 12 to 80 inches in size. The mount itself is fully articulating, allowing you to tilt, retract and swivel your TV to achieve the viewing angle which suits you best. It’s constructed from aluminium for a lightweight yet sturdy build and is also accompanied by the AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty.

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