The 6 prophecies of the US patriarchs are being fulfilled

The 6 prophecies of the US patriarchs are being fulfilled

when the “Constitution” America was built, the American patriarchs have basically entrusted our own governing authority to the people of this country. In doing so, they also accept the fragility of a defect in human humanity, at the same time realizing that this American experiment is fraught with dangers: Greed and corruption are the traits. inevitable human.

The patriarchs of the United States (Image: flickr / DonkeyHotey / CC BY 2.0)

New York-based writer Rikki Schlott wrote on the Daily Wire Feb. 19 that from President Washington to President Jefferson, the founding fathers used “Constitution” to provide the American people with a framework for success, while also leaving a prophetic warning that this wonderful American experiment could be flawed. They have left behind six ‘chilling’ predictions, which are slowly being fulfilled.

Patriarch Benjamin Franklin: A paid bureaucracy that can produce professional politicians

In 1787, the patriarch Franklin stood at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and warned that Congress was not paid well (the congressmen).

“Sir, there are two passions that have a strong influence on the affairs of humanity: that is ambition and greed: Love of power and love of money… When placing a prestigious position, at the same time As a position of self-interest, in front of these people, they will use their overwhelming force to obtain it. “

Mr. Franklin’s concern was clearly not taken seriously. The first congressional group received a daily wage of $ 6, and today the base salary of congressmen is $ 174,000, which is 90% higher than those on US incomes. This amount does not include additional allowances that can reach millions of dollars per year.

Mr. Franklin also warns that the qualities of leaders attracted to high salaries are: “It will not attract the wise and gentle, peace-loving and orderly, nor the most trustworthy; but only attracts big and violent guys. These people have a strong passion and are constantly pursuing selfishness. These people will enter your government and become your rulers. ”

In fact, the political office has changed from being a civil servant to the path to a profitable career, creating “Professional politicians” scary. Perhaps there is no better example than Mr. Biden, who became the 6th young senator at the age of 30 and is now the oldest president of the United States at the age of 78. According to Forbes, the Biden family has made a fortune. $ 16.7 million after leaving TT’s White House. Obama.

President Jefferson feared that the Supreme Court would be politicized

In a letter to Mr. Nathaniel Macon in 1821, TT. Jefferson expressed concern about the politicization of judicial power.

“Our government is now on a stable path, to show the path to destruction. That is unification first, then corruption … The drive to unify will be the federal judiciary; the remaining two branches (power) will be tools to corrupt and corrupt. “

Records confirmed voting by the National Assembly in court history shows since the TT’s warning. Jefferson, the Supreme Court was suddenly politicized. This is a relatively new phenomenon: Only in the 1980s were the appointees often unanimously confirmed, including the three nominations of President Reagan.

Since then, appointment confirmations have become partisan juggling, reflecting that people have given up on merit-based appointments, which tend to be party loyal. The most recent iteration was the appointment of Mrs. Amy Coney Barrett in October 2020. No Democrats voted for her, and her criticism became so harsh that she was even called “Danger for future civilization”.

Our Fathers envisioned a Supreme Court that could defend the Politically nonpartisan Constitution. By 2020, only 17% of Americans express their trust in the Supreme Court. It is clear that this institution is turning its back on the people it needs to protect.

President Madison: The bare hands and the biased media will give birth to totalitarianism

In his autobiography in 1830, TT. Madison outlined the prerequisites for totalitarianism: “The oppressors can only exercise tyranny after they have a standing army, the press are enslaved, and the people are disarmed.”

Warnings from TT. Madison did come to fruition in 2020, from the blatant threat of the Biden administration to the Second Amendment and extreme partisanism of traditional media. The rate of positive reporting among several recent presidents has fluctuated greatly: From 5% positive reporting on TT. Trump came to report 42% positively on TT. Obama.

In fact, the media divide politicians into people “always right” and people “Always wrong”. With title style like “First Lady Jill Biden wears a headscarf when shopping, people think it looks good”, This pattern is likely to continue. It’s no wonder that a third of Americans say they don’t trust the media at all.

President Washington: Political factions will divide the country

In his farewell remarks on September 17, 1796, when Mr. Washington left the presidency, he issued a stern warning against a party-based political system: “The people’s goals now and in the future are regardless [các phe phái chính trị] How they respond, they can become a powerful driving force in the development of time and things. Through these dynamics, cunning, ambitious, and unscrupulous people will be able to overthrow the power of the people, usurp the power of government and then destroy the motivation that gives them rulership. this injustice. “

In fact, the American political leadership has disintegrated in a partisan line, the gap between Democrats and Republicans has widened. According to TT’s prediction. Washington, politicians working for the better development of their party, have thus lost their common goal: Serving the American people.

This has never been true in the Covid-19 era. As usual, party leaders are determined to cram controversial emergency relief measures into hundreds of pages of relief bills. In the process, they deliberately obstruct the support needed by citizens to fulfill their party’s agenda.

Thus, speech has developed into a confrontation between us and them, even between good and evil. Most of us think badly about each other. According to a 2020 poll, 78% of Democrats believe Republicans have been taken over by racists, while 81% of Republicans believe Democrats have been taken over by racists. social takeover.

Not only do political parties make us hate politicians, they also make us think badly about each other. A 2017 survey even found Democrats believe that 50% of Republicans support white nationalism. The consequences of this kind of partisan war can be dire. A poll in October last year found that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the country is on the brink of another civil war.

Fatherland Benjamin Franklin: Don’t put safety above freedom

At a conference in Pennsylvania in 1755, Mr. Franklin criticized his readiness to give up freedom in a letter telling the governor: “Those who are willing to give up basic freedom and buy some temporary security do not deserve freedom nor are they safe.”

Perhaps the best example of giving up freedom for safety is during a pandemic. Despite growing data and extremely low mortality rates in non-high-risk groups, the country has reached a stagnation of nearly a year and no end.

For safety, endless freedoms and civil liberties were put aside. From fines for running small organizations like the Atilis Gym in New Jersey to restricting the use of an air orchestra during Thanksgiving dinner in California. The situation became so serious that the Supreme Court even had to defend the constitutional right to free participation in religious activities.

Terrorism and the constantly escalating culture of safety have frightened people into compliance. But this willingness to give up freedom can be based on false information. A survey in June of last year found that the estimated average number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in the United States was 225 times the actual number of deaths reported.

Under the guise of safety, the authorities have made the most of hysteria to usurp unprecedented power. And we risk losing our freedom as we obey increasingly unsubstantiated and serious blockade orders. This is not just freedom, but in the process we are destroying our economy, even causing irreversible harm to our children.

President Adams worries that future generations will take freedom for granted

In a letter to his wife Abigail in 1777, TT. Adams lamented that the sacrifices made by the American founding generation could be forgotten by his descendants: “Oh posterity! You will never know our generation, for how great the price is to pay for your freedom! I hope you will make use of it. If not, in heaven I will regret doing my best to protect this. ”

These days, these words of exclamation make people feel bitter. Even though we live in the most free country in history, a June 2020 poll found the proportion of citizens proudly Americans reached a new low. Probably because most Americans never know what free life is like without TT. Adams and generation were revolutionaries, and we were not fully grateful for this hard-to-obtain freedom.

Of the 8th grade students, only 18% are knowledgeable about US history, and only 7% of Americans can name the four previous presidents – including of course TT. Adams. So why 244 years later, the call of the President. Adams made the posterity bitter again? We must not forget the sacrifices he made to protect our freedom, because we were not even aware of these sacrifices in the first place.

Thanh Dung, Vision Times

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