The 4 things that get lazy are an important part of your 7-minute creativity
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The 4 things that get lazy are an important part of your 7-minute creativity

Being lazy is not always a bad thing.

Everyone has their own definition of laziness, and it’s a matter of personal opinion. I define being lazy as not wasting energy on unnecessary things. Unfortunately, laziness is often associated with a lack of motivation, willpower, and sometimes stupidity.

But not always, sometimes being lazy can have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health. Parents, teachers and bosses often tell us that being lazy is the worst thing and it’s always a matter of hard work.

“Development does not come from hard workers, but lazy people looking for an easier way to do things.” – Robert Heinlein.

It is important not to confuse laziness with procrastination or the desire not to do anything. Being lazy is not shying away from work, but still saving energy and time.

Being lazy is always classified as a negative personality. However, as a lazy individual, I never understand why people think being lazy is always a bad thing.

Being lazy is okay sometimes. It can transform you to make your life and mental health better.

Here are 4 benefits that laziness can bring you to a better life.

1. Increase productivity

Lazy people won’t like to spend more time than necessary on a particular job. They know how much energy they have and will refuse to waste it on a job.

“Laziness is the factor that makes you do your best to reduce overall energy expenditure.” – Larry Wall.

Being lazy will prevent you from pursuing adventures or a job that has no prospects. You will come up with a variety of ways and tools to get the job done with minimal time and effort.

That’s why most lazy people don’t work overtime. They complete all assigned work during business hours, so they don’t need to put in extra effort or spend extra time to get it done.

That way, they’ll have plenty of time to socialize with others or focus on their own interests. They will maintain a better work-life balance.

2. Creative stimulation

The lazy person will do his best to come up with creative ways to get things done. Since the work is done in such a short amount of time, lazy people will have plenty of time to come up with creative ideas.

Lazy people are often a great source of creative ideas. Think of the most creative figures in history. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci It took 15 years to complete the famous Mona Lisa! 15 years to complete a painting of quite a small size (67 × 53 cm). And it is known that he is an extremely lazy man.

Other famous creators, thinkers and writers are also lazy in nature. As Newton, Picasso and Einstein has made a phenomenal impact on the world no matter how lazy.

“I always hire lazy people to work hard because they’ll find a way to do it easily.” – Bill Gates.

These people look like they’re doing nothing. While they may be physically doing nothing, their minds are still wandering through the creative domain to come up with new ideas and plan how to execute them.

When your time is not taken over by side jobs, your mind has the opportunity to expand and experience creative thinking.

3. Reduce stress

Lazy people have a common motto of working smart, not hard. They will never move from one job to another but will always rest in order to regenerate and be psychotic.

They will not be doing many things at the same time, so they will be more comfortable and less stressful. Being lazy will induce better sleep because a lazy person will never work long hours to exhaust themselves.

What was the result? They get adequate rest and avoid exhaustion.

The lazy person’s ability to avoid continuous work creates time for their mind to travel and spur creativity.

“It’s good to be able to do relaxing things before the moment of life’s big decisions.” -Paulo Coelho.

Many people consider being lazy as being inattentive or inefficient, but that’s not true. Great ideas rarely emerge if people are too busy completing and organizing work.

Hard-working and work-oriented people often work for subjects with great ideas and visions. These visions and concepts often come from a time when people are in a relaxed or relaxed state.

4. Turn you into the expert of assignment

Indeed, lazy people do not like to work a lot. If there is an opportunity to allocate work to others, the lazy person will seize that opportunity immediately. They would be happy to share their work.

Lazy people are extremely good at finding the right people to assign because they don’t want to have to find alternatives or reallocate.

Moreover, when taking on managerial positions, lazy people will limit managing details and avoid overly long and unnecessary meetings. Instead, they will focus and visualize general questions as well as guide the person performing the job as efficiently as possible.


Just be lazy and do less, but doing less and being smart can have huge benefits for your health. Each person needs to purify his or her life, focus on the things that matter, and take time to rest and relax.

Remember that everything in life works best with moderation and laziness is no different. Just be lazy, but try not to procrastinate because those are two completely different things.

Being lazy is not the same as not wanting to work hard. Rather it means not wanting to work harder than necessary.

So, from now on, allow yourself to be lazy, relax and have time to rest.

Author: Sara A. Metwalli
Translation: Scramble
Source: Medium

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