The 35-year-old crisis record: some people quit their jobs from state-owned enterprises to sell insurance, some people make a side job with an annual income of 2 million

The 35-year-old crisis record: some people quit their jobs from state-owned enterprises to sell insurance, some people make a side job with an annual income of 2 million

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Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Houlang Institute” (ID: youth36kr), the author: Cui Yongwang, 11, 36 krypton released with authorization.

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In the workplace where the internal scrolls are getting worse and the parent group where the chickens are getting more and more ruthless, there is another problem that is difficult to ignore, and that is –“When a person is 35, what else can he do”?

The age of civil servant examinations is mostly restricted to under 35 years old; the optimization of company personnel often eliminates employees over 35 years old first; there are even companies that propose younger management and 90 employees…

Perhaps you have also heard something similar to the heart:“Don’t scold young people loudly, they will immediately resign naked. But middle-aged people, you can scold badly, especially those middle-aged people who have houses, cars, and children.”

With the group effect, the anxiety of the 35-year-old crisis has gradually spread to young people. Nowadays, young people in their 20s are also beginning to worry about what they will do when they are 35 years old.

So, is 35 years old really a year of crisis? 35 years old, what does it mean for professionals in the workplace?

Almost no one can escape the “35-year-old crisis”

Some time ago, 36 krypton launched an investigation on the “35-year-old crisis.” Among the 1,276 questionnaires we collected, 31-35 year-old professionals accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 37.07%, followed by 25-30 year-old professionals, accounting for 36.91%.

1. Almost no workplace person can escape the “35-year-old anxiety”

Facing the 35-year-old “watershed in life”, this class of professionals is still very anxious. the survey suggests,85.5% of the respondents said they had a “35-year-old crisis”, while only 8.7% of the respondents did not.

Do you currently have a 35-year-old sense of crisis?

When we asked “how strong is your 35-year-old sense of crisis”, 86.84% of the respondents said that the sense of crisis is 5 points or above.62.23% of the respondents said that their sense of crisis was 7 points or above, and 14.89% of the respondents said that their sense of crisis was 10 points.

How strong is your 35-year-old sense of crisis?

2. 31-35-year-old professionals have the strongest “35-year-old crisis sense”

Through cross-analysis, we also found that in terms of age, 31-35-year-old professionals have the strongest sense of crisis.The average intensity of their sense of crisis reached 7.1 points.Whether it is children’s education, support for the elderly, or career survival, the pressure and challenges for 31-35-year-old professionals are very great.

In addition, young people in their 20s are also full of anxiety about the upcoming “35 years old”. The data shows that the average crisis value of young people aged 25-30 also reached 6.7 points.

Differences in the average intensity of 35-year-old crisis among different age groups

3. Employees of state-owned enterprises/institutions, Internet practitioners, and freelancers have the greatest “35-year-old sense of crisis”

In our survey, employees of state-owned enterprises/institutions, Internet practitioners, and freelancers have the greatest “35-year-old crisis sense”, with an average of 7 points.It can be seen that in a rapidly developing society, no matter what industry you are in, there is no “completely stable” job.

Differences in the average intensity of the 35-year-old sense of crisis among people in different occupations

4. With regard to the “35-year-old crisis”, senior managers are more anxious than ordinary employees

Among working professionals of different ranks, senior managers have the strongest “35-year-old crisis sense”, with an average of 7.6 points;The average sense of crisis for grassroots managers is 7.0, and that for ordinary employees is 6.9. As they get higher incomes and higher ranks, the pressure and sense of crisis will also increase. Of course, this is also related to their age.

Differences in the average intensity of 35-year-old sense of crisis among workers of different ranks

Are there more possibilities when people reach 35?

Is there really no turning point when a person is 35 years old?

This time, we got 4 friends around 35 years old to have an in-depth chat. Among them,Some people resigned from a state-owned enterprise where they had worked for 8 years and switched to selling insurance; some resigned from a new media company to become a freelancer; some resigned from a car company and turned their sideline business into their main business; some wanted to leave a large factory where they had worked for 10 years. But because there is no way to apply for a job, I can only transfer internally…

They do not believe in evil, refuse to admit defeat, and refuse to accept their fate. They use their actions to show that 35 years old is not as terrible as they thought, and 35 years old can have more possibilities.

“I hope I can live better at the age of 45. Rather than wait for the layoff, I should take the initiative to attack.”

Sun Li (the picture is a net map, not herself)

In March of this year, when I was 35 years old, I finally resigned from an Internet company and started a freelance path.

Before resigning, my husband and I were working overtime all day to chase hot spots in the “new media operation”, and the other was working overtime all day in the “car company product dog”.

In the past few years together, the two of us have never gone home for dinner before half past eight. In the past two people could make do with it, but since having a child the year before last, there is really no way to make a living.

For this reason, I specially took my mother from my hometown to help us bring the children and cook. My mom belongs to the typical kind of worrying person. Take cooking as an example. We have to do food separately from the baby’s food, and we have to make 4-5 meals a day. Only if the baby eats well with us, she can rest assured. Not to mention there are so many other things she has to worry about.

It is conceivable that she has been here less than half a year, and she has lost more than ten catties. My husband and I realized that this is not a way to continue.

In addition to family reasons, I also encountered a “middle-age crisis” at work.New media operation is a relatively basic job, a post-95 or post-00 graduate who just graduated can easily replace you, And the Internet is better than you, the gameplay is better than you, and you can stay up late and work overtime better than you.

I can’t imagine a 40-year-old person still doing new media operations. Even if he gets promoted within the company, I think that sooner or later he will be eliminated.The friends I know who are in their 40s and 50s who are still guarding their posts are very insecure in the workplace. As long as the company discusses layoffs, they are the most nervous group of people. When I was 45 years old, I didn’t want to be “fearful” all day like them.

More importantly, I think the future workplace should be a more free workplace environment. It is not necessary to sit in the grid to work. The forms and ecology of work can be more diverse.

Therefore, instead of waiting for the layoff, it is better to take the initiative to attack, instead of waiting for the wind to come, it is better to make the wind. After thinking about it for more than half a year, I officially resigned in March this year and established a studio with a few friends.

Sun Li’s current working environment

Our studio is very “Buddha”. There is no fixed office space. Whenever you have a problem, we will find a coffee shop to meet, and we will be at home if nothing is wrong. At present, it mainly helps customers to do brand marketing, content planning, etc. Each person has his own division of labor and role. Everyone thinks that the studio can support themselves. Anyway, they have seen through that they can’t become a “Jobs.”

At the time I resigned, my work pace was very irregular, and about two weeks were more busy than when I was at work. Now I finally adjusted it. I get up at 8 or 9 a.m. every day with the child, do some simple work at home in the morning, and help bring the child by the way, so that my mother has time to cook lunch. In the afternoon, I will go out to find a cafe to write manuscripts and batch work. I will go home at 7 in the evening and change my mom to make dinner.

It may be that I made too little as a “new media editor” before, but my income after leaving the job was 30% higher than before.What’s more important is to realize the “freedom of time”, so that you can rest at any time after you finish your work., Or take my mother and children out to have fun. For example, this time I took my children out to play on May 1st, I finished most of the work ahead of time, and then left a little bit of “small details” out, and finished it while the child was sleeping in the afternoon.

Sun Li takes the kids out

Of course, I have always been very clear that resigning from the workplace does not mean returning to the family to become a “house cook” or “full-time wife.” I am a Capricorn, if I stay at home and do nothing, I will demolish the house.

The goal I set for myself is: every year to be better than the previous year, and not to be too far from my husband. After all, resigning is not abandoning self-growth, but a new beginning.

“With only one meal, I decided to leave the state-owned enterprise that had been there for 8 years to sell insurance.”

Feng Jietao (the picture is the net map, not himself)

Six years ago, when I was 31 years old, I decided to resign from a state-owned enterprise and switch to “selling insurance.”

Before resigning, I worked in a digital communications company under a large newspaper and lived a standard “veteran cadre” life every day——I don’t clock in in the morning or work in the evening, and I don’t need to do much work. I also have an assistant, and my monthly salary is also paid as usual.

You said I’m only in my early 30s, so why can I live the life of an “veteran cadre”?

This is because not long after the company was established at that time, the entire Shanghai media market was brought down by me and the team. At most, half of the company’s people are under my control.

This kind of work is naturally easy, but after 30 years of age, my mentality is not easy. Even if there is a job that looks “glamorous and stable” in the eyes of others,But I know clearly that I basically don’t have much room for personal growth and income, or “the end of my life”.

But I don’t admit defeat in my heart. I feel that I am only in my 30s, and I still have 30 years to retire, and I can still fight for it.

“The Lonely Gourmet” stills

By chance, I went to an insurance company to “renew” myself. After paying the money, while having a meal with the account manager, I casually inquired about some information about the insurance company, such as how much money can I earn from selling a single order, how to commute to get off work, how to get promoted, how many young awards and so on.

After listening, I found that this place is very different from the state-owned enterprises. The biggest impact on me is,You can control your career, that is, “You have the ability, you make more money; you have no ability, you are willing to bet and lose.” Your promotion and income do not depend on the face of the leader, you do not need to judge seniority or stand in line.

When I finished the meal and checked out, I directly asked the account manager“You still can’t hire people, if I do, I can come tomorrow.”After getting the affirmative reply from the other party, he almost decided on the spot to “resign and sell insurance.”

When I got home and told my parents and wife about this idea, they didn’t have the “not understanding” and “tanning” as I imagined. Instead, they suggested that I give it a try. “It’s a big deal to look for a job again after half a year. Not”.

With the support of my family and the more than 300,000 savings I saved at that time, I feel I can do it again.So in less than a month, I left the state-owned enterprise that had been there for 8 years and joined this insurance company.

Because of the past experience of marketing in state-owned enterprises, when I first entered the insurance industry, my income was much higher than in the past. However, as the customer resources around me gradually decreased and the performance goals continued to increase, I was still very anxious for a while.At that time, I said to myself, “Don’t regret it. I took the initiative to sell insurance, not someone else. If you see a customer, you can see two. If two don’t work, then three. You have to hold on to it.” .

The past 6 years have basically been like this, constantly raising the target and constantly challenging the target. I like this state very much. “Success or failure is the final decision.”

Slowly, my annual income has risen from more than 200,000 in state-owned enterprises in the past to more than 800,000.In the first quarter of this year, I completed my full-year performance target, so I also won the MDRT membership in 2022 (Millions Round Table, the top event for elites in the global life insurance industry). In general, only 10% of insurance companies People can get it.

In addition to the increase in income, this change of career also gave me “freedom of time”. During the three years that my son was in kindergarten, I came to pick him up every day, and I could also participate in every kindergarten activity. For example, I sent him to the early education class, and he was in the classroom. When I turned on the computer at Starbucks at the door, I started to work; after class, I picked him up, and I was back to life as soon as the computer was turned on. This is basically impossible in the enterprise.

I can control my time and career. This is the most important thing for me as a middle-aged person.

Talk show actor Hu Lan talks about “Middle-aged Crisis”

“For middle-aged people, if the main business is unstable, the side business is the best sense of security.”

Chen Zhigang (the picture is the net map, not himself)

I am 37 years old and worked in two state-owned enterprises for 10 years after graduation. Because I can’t stand the system of seniority, the tedious and dull system, and the salary that is basically unchanged for ten years,When I was 33 years old, I resigned from a state-owned enterprise and joined a leading company in a certain segment of the domestic automotive field with the ideal of doing a great job.

When I first started, I was full of confidence, but the good times didn’t last long.After working for a period of time, I discovered that the management system and personnel promotion mechanism of this company lags behind that of state-owned enterprises.

At the beginning, the company leaders wanted me to open up the “passenger car” market, but there was no new car plan, no team assigned to me, and no marketing expenses.

To put it bluntly, it is “PPT to build a car”. There is nothing but PPT to explain strategy and planning to the boss. Because after graduation, I have been working in the automobile industry and accumulated a lot of experience. Later, I made a very detailed marketing strategy promotion plan for the 8th and 9th editions for the leaders. But these have been put on hold, “Okay, I have worked hard, Xiao Chen, put it here first, and I will check it later.” The leader is always in no hurry.

I remember once, when the leader saw that the project was not progressing, he asked me and said, “Xiao Chen, can you invest some money into the project yourself so that the big boss can give us financial support after the project is completed.” At that time, I was so angry that I couldn’t say a word. I wanted to resign but didn’t dare to resign.At the age of more than 30, there are really not many opportunities to go out. Going to an Internet company can’t fight for young people, and the risk of starting a business is too high, and I can only continue to bear it.

Photos taken by Chen Zhigang during the trip

Later, by chance, I came into contact with VR shooting. After trying it out, I felt that it was not difficult to get started, so I started to explore it myself.The first time I took a VR shot was to help a friend in the automotive industry take photos of their brand flagship car. Unexpectedly, the effect was very good after the filming, and that set of works spread out in the car circle.

At that time, VR shooting was still relatively new in China. Many friends in the auto industry approached me and asked me to shoot VR for their brands. Later, relying on these works, I participated in a bid for the “VR Model Modeling” project of a well-known car brand’s global 4S store, and successfully won the bid.This project allowed me to earn 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. Compared with my main business, which did not improve, I began to focus part of my energy on my side business.

Slowly, my sideline project gradually expanded from VR shooting to advertising video production, short video production, etc. It can be regarded as catching up with the trend of “short video”, coupled with the customer resources I have accumulated before in the automotive industry, and the professional level of our team in the production of each video, we have more and more customers, and I also have my own partnership. People, studio,Income also increased from 100,000 yuan in 2018, to 600,000 yuan in 2019, and 2 million yuan in 2020.

During this period, I have been taking care of both my main business and my side business at the same time, because my main business often travels to participate in various meetings, and I am very tired. When my income reached 2 million last year, I once again seriously considered leaving. Compared with before, I am more confident this time. The sideline project has reached a certain scale after three years of trial and can fully afford the expenses of myself and my family.

Chen Zhigang worked as a volunteer in Sri Lanka for a period of time

Therefore, in the beginning of 2021, I formally resigned from the company and turned my sideline business into my main business. After officially starting a business, my work status and mentality have changed a lot from before.The biggest difference is that he is more proactive, and there is no time to think about the “35-year-old crisis”, because I have to feed the team and the company, and I have a heavier burden.

As a person who is about to 40 years old, I think it is very worthwhile to be able to “create a career” in my 30s. There is no need to worry about being “fired” by the leader or being “discriminated” by HR when looking for a job.

Although the risk of starting a business is high, life is not just a toss! “Toss”, there is a future!

“I have been making screws for the past ten years, and in the next ten years I hope to find someone I really love.”

Zhang Jun (the picture is a net map, not himself)

I joined this big internet company after graduating from my graduate school at the age of 25. After 10 years, I am 35 years old this year.

Ten years ago, like many freshmen, I came to this company with the “big factory halo”. The stability, good welfare, and high salary made many friends very envious.But 10 years later, I was trapped by “Dachang”.

In response to the “middle-age crisis,” I decided to transfer jobs within the company at the beginning of this year, from the resource management work of the International Business Department to the science and technology service department.The new job is completely unfamiliar, and it is not in the same direction as the previous job. It can even be said that the previous work experience is a bit wasteful.

Then why do I “waste work experience” and insist on changing jobs? In fact, it is not difficult to understand.

Because when a job lasts for 10 years, you will find that there is no newness, challenge, etc. It is repeated, repeated, and repeated every day.I have done all kinds of work in our fund management department in the past 10 years, so I can’t be familiar with it anymore.

“This can’t be reimbursed” stills

At the beginning of this year, I also contacted a headhunter to submit a resume to see if there were opportunities in other directions, but the company I liked did not send offers, and the treatment for small companies who offered it was inappropriate.The headhunter suggested that I said, “Let’s just wait and see. In the Internet industry, 35-year-old professionals don’t have great opportunities.”

Secondly, I am 10 years away from the age of 45 this year, and I don’t know what I should do in the next 10 years to not be abandoned by the times.

For the past ten years, I have been working in a large factory step by step. Although there is no significant promotion or salary increase, it is still a smooth flow and my life is stable and natural. Some of the workers in large factories are very sophisticated. If you can’t get a relatively high managerial position, you may always be a “screw”. You can’t see the full picture of many businesses, and you can’t talk about it.So sometimes, the more stable you are, the more afraid you are. You don’t know what else you can do after leaving this company and what you are good at.

With the increasing number of colleagues born in the post-95s and post-00s, this anxiety is also growing. So I realized that I must force myself to step out of my comfort zone and find new “personal growth opportunities.”As for the internal transfer, for me now, it can be said that it is the only option that is “stable and changeable”.

When I came to the new job, my role changed from project execution to market operation. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t very comfortable with this change at first, but I gritted my teeth and persevered. This business belongs to a small “startup project” of the company,At present, the team has a small number of people. I hope to make some good projects this year. On the one hand, I will improve my “irreplaceability” in the company. On the other hand, I will see if I can be promoted to a higher level of management.

What do you think of the “35-year-old crisis”?

For 35-year-old professionals,The sense of crisis comes not only from the “ceiling” of job hunting, but also from the career development dilemma of “can’t go up and down” and the pressure of survival of “the old and the small while the old.”

“Can we avoid the 35-year-old crisis” is also the most concerned issue for almost all professionals in the workplace.

To be honest, we can’t give a standard answer to the 35-year-old crisis, nor can we teach you how to fight the 35-year-old crisis. We can only tell the stories of the four people above, hoping that everyone can learn from them. In the choices and experiences, there are enlightenment and new thinking.

As a reader said in the interview:

The reason why a person has a sense of crisis is caused by unknown fear and uncertainty.

The “35-year-old crisis” is a hurdle set by social rules and a product of social competition.Living in this society, we need to adapt to the rules. To solve the 35-year-old crisis is not to let it not exist, but to face its existence, grasp the variables that we can control, and then bravely break through it. A person’s progress needs to be continuous. If you don’t make progress, not only is the “35-year-old crisis”, but the 25-year-old and the 45-year-old are also in crisis.

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now. Remember, we are always young and always have opportunities compared to 40 or 50 years old.


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