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The 2021-style NISSAN TIIDA is officially on the market, with a price starting at 659,000: Xmiro electronic rearview mirrors are fully equipped as standard, and the sense of technology is rising!


When NISSAN TIIDA was launched, the impression of the magic space was deeply impressed into the minds of consumers. Although the current car model is the second-generation TIIDA that started in 2011, the overall structure of the generation is already old, but Yulon Motors is still In 2021, TIIDA has added a lot of new equipment to give consumers more choices.

TIIDA 21-year-old introduces the new generation X-CVT gearbox

TIIDA 21-year model fully upgraded the 5th generation X-CVT gearbox, the original code name is DX-K1 CVT, which is the same new generation gearbox as ALL NEW SENTRA and KICKS, and adopts a new generation of auxiliary gear mechanism, reaching the world’s first 8.7 The gear ratio improves fuel economy by 3% and fuel consumption performance to 16.1 KM/L. At the same time, special strengthening of steel belts, pulley rigidity, and groove gap tightness are strengthened, which greatly improves durability and improves overall torque transmission efficiency by 5% , The starting acceleration is more brisk.

Xmiro electronic rear-view mirror is fully equipped as standard, and X-Media III Lite video and audio system can be upgraded after the deluxe version

TIIDA’s 21-year-old standard has added Xmiro electronic rearview mirrors as standard, integrating the “front/rear driving recorder function” and full touch screen, with a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle display in the front and rear, and the use of high-sensitivity components to enhance night vision and The anti-glare function allows the owner to have a wider driving field of vision behind the vehicle, and driving more at ease. TIIDA 21-year-style audio-visual technology has re-evolved, the new upgraded X-Media III Lite smart audio-visual multimedia host from the luxury version and above, fully supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions, regardless of SIRI voice control, phone answering, Google Map, LINE and other functions are all available .

Buy a car and enjoy “NISSAN Can Share” with the highest discount total value of 150,000 yuan

There is no price increase for TIIDA 21-year equipment upgrades. The new starting price starts at 659,000 yuan, and the purchase of the car will enjoy the “NISSAN Can Share” car purchase discount. From now until February 9th, the owner of the NISSAN domestic car series can get the Swedish boutique Electrolux One PURE Q9 powerful static frequency vacuum cleaner, and another 30,000 yuan discount for car purchase, polyphenol PM2.5 negative ion air filter, ozone sterilization service, high zero interest rate installment, 68 unlimited warranty extension, and old trade-in 50,000 yuan priority to receive six great value praises including the project, the highest total value of the discount reaches 150,000 yuan.



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