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The 2019 Ranger Games of the Year List The best domestic games of the year are announced!

Announced today is the “Domestic Games of the Year” list. The development of domestic games has been stumbling. No matter from the technical level or the popularity level, they have experienced many obstacles. Many games can only obtain player support through feelings. The attitude of domestic games is almost ridiculous. But at least every year the quality of domestic games is growing at a rate that is visible to the naked eye.

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Looking back on 2019, there are many domestic games with good word of mouth sales, such as “Hidden Guardian”, “Job Crazy” and other high-quality, interactive games that cater to the trend, as well as “The Great Cultivation Simulator”, “And other traditional style games have received a lot of domestic players’ attention and favor. Which one of the domestic games this year is the most eye-catching for players, the following will reveal the voting results of players in this list!

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