The 18th producer of “Resurrected Witch” shares the thinking behind the art, gameplay and game rhythm

This article originated from the question “How to evaluate the mobile game “Resurrected Witch”?” Producer 18’s answer

I am the eighteenth producer of the Revived Witch. After stumbling for so long, I finally came to the open beta day.

Through this answer, let’s also summarize the development stage of the witch who recovered before the public beta.

“Revived Witch” is a pixel-style role-playing game.

Let’s talk about the art part first, we first determine the pixel style art style.

I chose pixel style mainly because most of the RPGs I played in my childhood were pixel games. Until now, I also like pixel games very much and I am very enthusiastic about developing a pixel game.

In addition to the emotional part, we also did market research.

The problem faced by the domestic game industry at that time was that the version number was suspended. When the team chose the direction of the project, it chose to face the global market instead of just domestically.

The most important point is that we researched several Final Fantasy derivative mobile games released by SE, and found that the two most popular with players are the pixel-style “FFRK” and “FFBE”.

NS store bestseller list

And at the time, Stardew Valley had been in the first place on the NS bestseller list for two weeks. The sales of the newly released pixel-style game “Sonic Mania” also far surpassed the “Sonic Force” of the same IP.

Shows the potential of pixel wind.

This shows that for old players, pixel wind is more likely to attract them.

Pixel wind is not enough for its specific niche temperament, we have to do research on expanding the audience.

We chose the direction of 3D+2D pixel wind to explore.

The goal is to make the original niche pixel style acceptable to most ordinary mobile game players.

Let’s talk about the scene first.

The initial scene of the exploration phase is like this.

The first scene two years ago was like this.

This is what the first scene looks like now. The butterfly on the forehead of the witch, the rabbit on the left and the grass around the witch have been added.

Day and night change effect of TopDown scene.

After repeated tossing, we also did several small tests in the company, and everyone’s feedback was very good. We will continue to explore in this direction.

In terms of roles, many friends think that our witch is very similar to Irena in “Witch’s Journey”.

In fact, this is a coincidence. Most of the characters we used in the early stages of development are pixel characters first, and then we invite artists based on the pixel characters to create a stand-up image.

This is part of the process from the beginning to finalizing the image of our witch.

In fact, the witch did not confirm the setting of the white hair and red pupil at the beginning.

Let’s put some pixel maps of other characters and compare them with the vertical paintings.

In addition to the scenes and characters, each of our BOSS has been carefully designed, and each frame of each action is hard-pointed by the art teacher.

Let’s put some BOSS action pictures.

Let’s talk about gameplay related content below.

When I look back to play some old JRPGs, I feel that the pace of the game is too slow and it is not suitable for today’s players.

Many puzzles are solved, and it is very difficult to study the solution on your own without looking up the strategy.

For example, there is a similar situation in “The Wheel of Time” ranked first in the RPG selected by IGN. The various passwords in the ruins, as well as the preconditions for entering the password, are difficult to pass even if you have checked the guide.

The seed in the “shrinking hat” cannot use ordinary water to restore its growth. You must use a bomb to blow up the rock wall to enter the hidden scene, fill the bottle with specific green water, and then go back to water it to let it germinate and grow. The two scenes are far apart, and the hidden scenes are hard to find.

In modern video games, such as “The Last of Us 2”, if you stay in a scene for too long, the exit in the scene will be directly highlighted to tell you where the exit is.

In the initial process of stumbling and overthrowing and redoing the level, we felt that we should ensure that the player knows the current way to continue the game.

Also summed up some experience, let’s take puzzle solving.

The puzzle-solving elements in “Revived Witch” follow three principles.

First, let the player understand the “puzzle”

If you don’t know what the problem is, and don’t know why you are stuck, it will easily annoy the player.

Therefore, our puzzle-solving elements will appear in a separate scene, and the entire associated puzzle-solving mechanism will be within 1-2 screens. Use mechanisms such as camera movement and highlight hints to tell the player which elements are included in the puzzle.

Second, ensure that the mechanism is easy to understand

A good mechanism is derived from physical laws or social rules in reality. Because people will directly recognize the rationality of realistic rules, and the difficulty of learning is low. For example, the ice cubes that have been stepped on will break apart, and the lifting platform can be controlled by using the joystick.

Third, let players have a sense of accomplishment after solving puzzles

The purpose of the game is for the player to experience, and the design purpose of decryption is to allow the player to solve the puzzle instead of being trapped by the puzzle.

Many puzzles in games can only be operated in one way, and that way is the answer, and the player may not be able to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle is not to be solved by the player with exhaustive methods, and complete repetitive work is not much fun.

For example, the puzzle solving in the picture above

The A rocker can open the first elevator platform on the forward road, but close the road to the C rocker.

The B rocker opens the second elevator platform needed to move forward, but closes the chest that goes to treasure chest 1.

C joystick can open the lifting platform to treasure chest 2.

The way to fully open treasure chests 1 and 2 and pass the passage is C rocker treasure box 1 A rocker B rocker treasure box 2

Such a simple nesting design of the lifting platform is neither cumbersome nor easy to retry. We feel that things are more suitable for the puzzle-solving levels that exist in the early stage.

In addition, in terms of the overall game rhythm, we have repeatedly tried and made mistakes for a long time on how to coordinate the design differences between stand-alone RPG and mobile RPG.

For example, in the soul series PRG, players can control the game flow by themselves. If they want to go to the next scene, they only need to reach the connection point between the levels, or directly teleport in the campfire.

But when we design “Resurrection Witch”, we need to integrate every few small levels into a node.

We have changed many times between whether to jump directly to the scene in the node connection, or to go back to the main city and select a new node.

Compared with the previous JRPG, the process rhythm of “Resurrection Witch” is actually more similar to the rhythm of modern RPG.

In some old JRPGs, such as “Four Warriors of Light”, the beginning of the game is to find someone and ask a circle of NPCs.

In addition, players need to step on dark thunders repeatedly in large scenes to level up, and the cutscenes will be longer.

The rhythm of modern RPG is getting faster and faster, even some classic old RPGs are accelerating the rhythm.

For example, in the Pokémon series during the gem period, Yusanjia is still the initial two general skills.

By the time of the sixth generation of X and Y, the original Yusanjia had already carried the initial moves of this department.

In “Revived Witch”, we also deleted the dark thunder and other settings, hoping that these changes are more suitable for the habits of current players.

Compared with some old JRPGs, we have used more recent modern RPGs, such as “Children of Light” and “God of War 4”, which have been released more recently, mixing and superimposing elements such as exploration, combat, and cultivation.

For players who have not played “Resurrection Witch”, you may think that the mobile game RPG will only card attributes, force krypton, and force players to krypton human rights card.

In fact, we did not do this. The difficulty of the battle gradually decreased with each test. Some extremely unbalanced characters that appeared in the test were reworked before the public beta. There were no adjusted characters, and we did not release them.

In previous tests, we also found that simply reducing the difficulty of the battle may not allow the novice players to have a better experience. On the contrary, it may also make the players who liked the difficult challenges lose the fun of the game.

and soIn response to similar situations, we deliberately made an elastic balance.

In battle, if the AI ​​finds that the player is a very unskilled novice player, the frequency and rhythm of the BOSS skill release will decrease. It will wait until the player releases the healing skill before releasing more powerful damage skills, so that more novice players can also Experience the fun of fighting. If you are a player who can master the timing and matching of skill release, we will release the skill according to the originally designed BOSS difficulty.

At present, there are still many problems and immature aspects of the game just after the public beta. I hope you will give more feedback. I believe that we can solve it little by little with future updates to make the game better.

Here too, I would like to express my highest gratitude to all the players and the companions who have fought for the “Resurrection Witch” together.

It is an honor to share this period of life with you.


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