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The 11 Best Duvet Covers for Men of 2019, Reviewed – a SPY Guide

The average person spends around one third of every day sleeping, so it only makes sense that your bedroom should be a place where you feel comfortable and a place where you enjoy spending your time. 

When it comes to achieving the best possible bedroom for you, there’s a number of factors which come into play. For example, you should choose the right bedroom decor to appeal to your personal taste and ensure your bed has all the elements you need for a great night’s sleep. One key element in the last bit is your choice of duvet cover.

While you may think a duvet cover is a duvet cover, we’re here to tell you that it’s not quite that simple. The type of material your cover is made from can have a big impact on how well you sleep. You also need to consider additions like a large pocket for putting your duvet inside your duvet cover and duvet ties that hold your duvet insert in place during the night and prevent unwanted clumping. An attractive pattern on your cover can also help relax or stimulate your mind. You also may want to impress any visitors who happen to see your bedding.

To help you find the right bedding, we’ve put together a collection of the best duvet covers available from across the internet. Our list has options for sleepers who prioritize softness, who love artsy designs and for people who live through a variety of seasons throughout the year.

1. SORMAG Duvet Cover


The SORMAG Duvet Cover boasts five-star reviews from over 90 percent of Amazon reviewers. The cover is available in either king or queen sizes as well as a white or gray. In addition, the cover is made from 100 percent washed cotton, which delivers a breathable experience for the person or people underneath. Plus, this option is also machine washable for easy maintenance, and it’s resistant to fading, shrinking and tearing, giving your new duvet cover durability for years to come. 

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2. Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover


Woven from fine Belgian flax, this Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover is made to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Whether you need a touch of warmth on a winter night or to feel some breeze on a warm summer’s evening, this advanced material can help you out. The Pale Harbor color is a versatile option, which looks great in a range of interior decor styles, while the envelope closure helps keep your duvet insert in place during the night.

best duvet covers belgian flaxImage courtesy of West Elm


3. Bedsure Duvet Cover Set


Available in five different colors and an attractive tree branch motif patterning, the Bedsure Duvet Cover Set is a well-reviewed and classy addition to any bedroom. This artistic bed cover’s decoration is reversible, making it easy to give your bedroom a fresh look when you feel the need. Each set includes a single duvet cover along with two pillow cases, which are all constructed from an ultra-soft, hypoallergenic microfiber. 

best duvet covers bedsureImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Cotexture Duvet Cover


If you like something to look at in your bedroom, give this Cotexture Duvet Cover a go. When you order it, you’ll have a choice of five different designs, including boho stripe, blue floral and French rose, meaning there’s almost certainly a style to match your bedroom decor. The lightweight microfiber delivers an outstandingly soft experience, and the anti-wrinkle technology keeps your cover looking smart throughout its use. The cover is also available in three different sizes and includes two matching pillow cases.

best duvet covers cotextureImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Organic Geo Waffle Jacquard Duvet Cover


The Organic Geo Waffle Jacquard Duvet Cover is made in India from 100 percent pure organic cotton. Not only is this a healthier choice for your home, it’s also a healthier choice for the environment. This Fair Trade product boasts a production process that meets the top standards set by the Global Organic Textile Standard. The cover itself boasts a beautifully woven pattern, which adds a touch of class to any bedroom interior, while the button closure and corner ties ensure the bed-making process is simple.

best duvet covers organic go waffleImage courtesy of West Elm


6. FACE TWO FACE Duvet Cover


The FACE TWO FACE Duvet Cover is made from 100 percent washed cotton, which provides a softer in-bed experience than many competing materials. The kit includes a cover and pillows and gives an elegant look, regardless which color or pattern you ultimately choose. The cover is also hypoallergenic, breathable and machine washable, ensuring maintenance is easy. It’s durable and fade resistant, too.

best duvet covers face two faceImage courtesy of Amazon


7. Schumacher Chiang Mai Printed Duvet Cover


If you’re searching for a duvet cover to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression, the Schumacher Chiang Mai Printed Duvet Cover is the choice for you. It comes with either a white or black background, but what really makes it memorable is the comprehensive dragon designs. Inspired by Schumacher’s famed Chiang Mai Dragon, this duvet cover will undoubtedly turns heads. The attractive design is printed on fine Belgian linen, and the cover is also available in a range of sizes.

best duvet covers schumacher williams and sonomaImage courtesy of Williams Sonoma


8. Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover


The Classic Duvet Cover is woven from 100 percent long-staple cotton, which provides a crisp, airy and cool feel, delivering a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone underneath. It boasts a 270 thread count of cotton percale weave for a softness, which further adds to your through-the-night comfort. The cover is also OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety and includes long and short side labels to prevent any unwanted confusion during the dressing process. You’ll also have over 10 different styles to choose from, including plain colors and attractive patterns.

best duvet covers classic brooklinenImage courtesy of Brooklinen


9. Parachute Sateen Duvet Cover


As it is crafted from luxurious 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, this Sateen Duvet Cover is an easy way to add an air of luxury to your bed set up. Not only does it provide protection to your duvet insert inside, it also looks and feels great. It even feels better with more time and more washes. The cover features twill ties in all four corners to keep your duvet in place and can be machine washed, ensuring the maintenance of your cover is simple.

best duvet covers sateen parachuteImage courtesy of Parachute


10. Parachute Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover


The Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover is available in three different color combinations, including white and ivory, surplus and ivory, and grey and coal. Each set includes a duvet cover and pillow cases, which are made from 100 percent cotton in a plain weave construction. The soft and cozy cover provides a cooling experience, while twill ties and a button closure ensure your duvet insert stays in place during the night. The classy designs are also reversible, providing two ways to dress your bed each night.

best duvet covers parachute homeImage courtesy of Parachute


11. Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover


By using a mix of cotton and Himalayan cashmere, the Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover offers supreme comfort through its unbeatable softness as well as through-the-night coolness from the breathable material. The cover includes duvet ties and a button closure to keep the insert in place. It’s available in four different color options and two different sizes and has an attractive heathered look thanks to the diagonal weave.

best duvet covers cashmere brooklinenImage courtesy of Brooklinen


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