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The 10 Best Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes for Men – a SPY Guide

Winter may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean the love of Game of Thrones is going anywhere. In an age of on-demand TV viewing, it’s not difficult to relive the adventure anytime you want, and there are still going to be newcomers to the show, only increasing its popularity in the near future.

The fact that Game of Thrones is set in a fictional world made up of Medieval-esque fighters, dragons and characters not of human origin makes it a great option for costume parties. Part of what fans love so much is the immersive world and any opportunity to recreate that world is not to be missed.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Game of Thrones costume options for men. Each option from the show is sure to evoke different emotions from your fellow fans, no matter whether it was your emotional demise, kick-ass attitude or that time you pushed a child out of a window to prevent your incestuous relationship from being uncovered.

Take a look through each outfit and find the costume that speaks to you.

1. Jon Snow


Go big or go home. It may cost a pretty penny, but you’ll definitely blow all other competing Jon Snow’s away with this Very Last Shop Hot TV Series Knight Snow Costume. There are few more iconic characters from the series than this illegitimate child who rose to become the King of the North (and came back from the dead?!). The costume includes Jon’s armor, a robe, a cape, pants, belts, gloves and pretty much everything you need to feel like you belong on the plains of Westeros.

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2. Tyrion Lannister


Although there may have been a lack of love between Tyrion Lannister and the rest of his family, there’s no such shortage when it comes to the GoT fans. It may well come from his love of everything alcoholic or simply the common ground of not seeing eye-to-eye with his siblings, dressing as Tyrion is a popular option. This Forum Novelties Inc Medieval Mercenary Costume is just the ticket and comes with a shirt, belt and vest. If your hair isn’t naturally Tyrion-esque, it’s easy to add the Miss U Hair Short Curly Hair Cosplay Costume Wig for a more complete and convincing look.

man wearing a tyrion lannister costumeImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Dragon


It’s not just human-like creatures which take the limelight in Game of Thrones. The program wouldn’t be the same without the giant, reptilian dragons playing their integral roles. For this reason, no GoT dress up party is complete without someone dressed as one of the fiery beasts. This Spooktacular Careations Onesie Dragon Costume is a great option for a last-minute costume that is both quick and requires minimal effort with maximum effect.

man wearing a silly dragon one piece costumeImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Khal Drogo


He may not have been around for too long in the series, but Khal Drogo certainly left an impression on Game of Thrones fans. It could be because he was a large part of the beginning of Daenerys’ quest to Westeros dominance, or it could also be because he’s huge, imposing and makes a great option for Game of Thrones dress up. Whether you’re muscular or not, slipping into this Men’s Medieval Warrior Armor can’t help but make you feel strong. Throw in a replica Arakh Scythe and a long-haired wig, and you’ll most definitely look the part.

man wearing a khal drogo costume with a swordImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Ned Stark


Sean Bean has made an art of dying in movies and TV series, and Game of Thrones was no different. As Ned Stark, he played one of the most crucial roles in ensuring love for the series. He remains a fan favorite even though his tenure was cut short in season 1. As a member of the Stark family, the Northern King Costume (Number 7) used for his son, Robb Stark, makes an equally useful costume for Ned Stark. However, crucially for Ned, adding this STfantasy Mens Brown Wavy Mid Length Wig completes the look for a more convincing costume.

light brown wavy wig like ned stark's hairImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Jaime Lannister


Granted, disabling a young boy by pushing him from a window is unlikely to gain you many fans. But, as it turns out, it’s still possible to regain plenty of popularity over the seasons through slightly less terrible acts to the point fans were sad when you eventually die. So if murder, incest and a heroic turn are qualities you’re into, this Forum Novelties Men’s Medieval King Costume Coat will give you the look you’re after. Add a sword and paint your hand gold for the complete Jaime Lannister look.

man wearing a Jaime Lannister costume with a crown and swordImage courtesy of Amazon


7. The Night King


Created when a shard of dragon glass was pushed into a man’s heart, the Night King is the first of the White Walkers and has one of the most recognizable looks from the show. Luckily, this outfit is easily achievable with a Trick Or Treat Studios Men’s Full Head Mask. And, if you don’t feel like creating your own armor, try adding this SIDNOR GOT Game of Thrones Night’s King Cosplay Costume to really stand out.

a white night king maskImage courtesy of Amazon


8. Robb Stark


Robb Stark was the eldest son of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully and had the world at his feet. Sadly, things in Westeros don’t always work out, especially for Robb Stark, and season 3 was his last involvement in the series. That doesn’t mean this Game of Thrones Robb Stark Northern King Costume is any less awesome. It comes with a full-length cape, a tunic and leather gloves for a complete look. Add a sword and some boots for an outfit that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

a man dressed as robb stark with a swordImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Joffrey Baratheon


Inept, monstrous and spoiled are just a few of the words which could be used to describe one of the Game of Thrones characters people love to hate most. If you identify with, or find yourself wanting to experience that kind of position, give this Yancos Men’s Joffrey Baratheon Halloween Cosplay Costume a go. The complete outfit includes a jacket, belt, coat, crown, pants and straps.

a gold Joffrey Baratheon costumeImage courtesy of Amazon


10. Hodor


Ever since his rather mentally scarring death in season 6, Hodor has been a fan favorite, and any other GoT fans you come across this Halloween are sure to smile and possibly shed a tear when they see you. The outfit includes a tunic and a belt, which combined with a white beard of some kind, will complete this popular costume option. Just make sure to run around shouting, “Hold the door, hold the door, hold the door,” to complete your character impersonation.

a blue and brown hodor costumeImage courtesy of Amazon


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