[Thảo luận] Which Apple Watch model can use esim in Vietnam?

[Thảo luận] Which Apple Watch model can use esim in Vietnam?

Hello brothers, a few days ago, it was reported that Viettel is supporting the supply of esim on smart watches, today I accidentally read a topic on the internet about Viettel's esim for Apple Watch with the content as follows, you discuss and share information with me:

I see you have a need to buy a high-LTE version because viettel will support using esim on AW soon. But you notice MAY It is not that any LTE model can use 4G LTE in Vietnam. Reason is as follows:

  • Currently, Viettel is exploiting 4G in 1800Mhz and 2100Mhz bands (Information link: here)


  • The models below are models MAY Do not support Viettel's 4G band, so of course when returning to Vietnam. Esim LTE will not be available with apple watch code: A1975 and A1976 unless viettel exploits the new band but this problem is unlikely because it relates to the MIC network plan.


  • The "Photo 2" models are 4G-supported models in Vietnam with Code: A2007 and A2008


In addition, the machines in Vietnam are mostly originated from Japan and the US. In short, the JP Japanese origin machine is supported! And the American machine with LL / LA doesn't have support band 4g LTE in Vietnam! Also in other countries, you look like a photo model.

If you intend to buy Apple Watch to experience the esim, I recommend you wait a while longer to get all the correct information from the parties.

Source: AppleWatch Vietnam Association


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