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[Thảo luận] Do you have a case for your phone or not, why?

Recently, I read a good article about smartphones and bumpers against scratches and bumps. Many brothers, for many reasons, buy cladding to protect their beloved phones, maybe because they do not want the crust to be scratched during use, or further to consider selling to buy new machines to keep more price. Others do not, for other reasons.

I will borrow Maria Teresa Hart's post from Vox so that you can discuss why you use (or not use) the case for smartphones.

The first person I ever met against the idea of ​​fitting a smartphone back to the extreme was the old boss at a startup. He said, "here it is", two thumbs and pointing fingers and raised the iPhone, "Thousands of hours of effort. People try to work to turn this slim phone like this, what is the case for the case? ”

Most of the employees of the startup follow the boss, risking their phones to "undress" since just smashing the box. I just bought a new phone with a look that wanted to cry, and immediately installed a rubber clad for it. Since 2016, iPhone prices have risen by 15% and Americans have spent more than $ 3 billion just to fix broken phone screens last year, every modern smartphone needs a panel to withstand the taste of everyday people. My former boss, therefore, took action against the common sense, against his own interests for reasons I would never understand, but perhaps he himself I don't understand it.

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Of course he is not the only one who says no to the iPhone case. People who like to use iPhone without cover all over the place, and like an obsession, after talking to their old boss about a "naked" phone, I started to see it everywhere. It's like you know a new word and start using it wherever you are. The authors on Gizmodo and Cult of Mac I also did not use the case. Going to Reddit also sees people suggesting that people should not install the case cover for their phones, calling them "plastic junk". The Verge's Nick Statt is more humorous, although there are articles that predict hundreds of dollars if not used, but still leave the iPhone white and untidy: "It's like a crime, fitting the best Apple iPhone ever made."

Why do most Apple enthusiasts have such strange actions? According to Leander Kahney, the author of the recent memoir by Tim Cook said: "They don't want to ruin the beauty of hardware." Kahney said even Jony Ive hated the idea of ​​fitting the iPhone. “When I met him, his iPhone was fitted with tiles, and he seemed quite regretful about it. I think Jony will want to leave the iPhone naked. ”

Cliff Huang, UX designer, author of User Friendly, said that phone users do not install tiles though it is beneficial as a consequence of design far from marketing. "You can see the product promotion and the convenience of the product are in conflict with each other," he shared. Phone ads always try to show off the device's impressive thinness. For many users, it is one of the things that attracts them to the product, even if the product is easily scratched and dented when put in a pocket. "We are often illusory because of the original beauty of a product but forget how to use it every day."

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The question is, why not make a smartphone without a case, like the Galaxy S5 Active before? Some ways of thinking that cell phone manufacturers don't really care about that. The phone is broken, they earn money to repair spare parts from customers, right with the design concept of "obsolete according to plan". Every company wants us to exchange new phones after 1 to 2 years, and everyone wants to shorten the life of the device to increase revenue.

Kahney doesn't think so. Apple has a trade-in program, exchange old phones for new ones after paying an extra amount. That means Apple will be more profitable when they make a phone that is longer and more durable. The old phone market is also very active (brothers and sisters come to Nhat Tao to see it immediately).

Kuang believes that smartphones become fragile because of us. We always want to own slender and beautiful devices. “They don't design vacuum cleaners but smartphones. I am sure that the ticket design has thicker, more durable versions. ”But they are not approved because the designs are not so beautiful that it will be very difficult to sell.

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In short, for many reasons, smartphone design has gradually turned it into a fragile item. Kahney remembers the first iPhone: "It is really durable. But year after year, they tried to turn its design into a more sexy and thinner one. The iPhone X is like soap. The first day I bought it, I dropped the phone straight to the concrete floor. "

Think about it, the vocabulary you use to describe the phone with and without the cladding like this: There are tiles that are "thick", "fat", "lumpy", without cladding. , "Slim" and "thin". Does it sound like an ad for weight loss? Is it possible for some people not to use the "body shaming" back on their own phones, though the cladding is necessary?

In terms of psychology, Kit Yarrow, an expert in consumer psychology and author of "Decoding Psychology of New Age Consumers," said that "the phone with a lot of people is how they show the version." "I want to own a smartphone with" measurements "as they are ideal. You can see this bullshit, but for decades, cosmetic companies have hit this mentality for marketing, not new. The most recent is Dove's campaign, the bottle of shower gel has enough size from high to low, fat to thin to describe the look of the sisters. Of course the sisters are very angry, because who would compare the weaker sex with the round and round bottles?

Yarrow said that in the midst of smartphone becoming more and more fragile, the use of no cladding became more reckless. Every day we take the phone out and use it in our pockets so many times, how much more secure there will be. Not to mention, you probably know, a smartphone is now a symbol that describes a person who has a lot of money or not. In the midst of technology, Silicon Valley's wealth is not described by shiny necklaces or designer clothes, but millions of dollars in investments and charity, smartphones. The best also makes many people admiring.

According to a NowandMatch.com study, 86% of women rated negatively the person they were dating if they saw a crack on their phone. But the opposite is sometimes true. "I have money, how to leave my iPhone bare, fall, fix it, and buy a new one at the same time." Those are the things many people have in mind when seeing someone holding an iPhone without a clad. Some young man even commented on The Verge: "I made half a million dollars a year, I'm ready to let the iPhone X not fit in."

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Once upon a time, the handle of HTC or iPhone was "handsome", but now everywhere, smartphones are found, from cheap to expensive, much like mushrooms after rain. Not to mention their attraction is no longer the same. In addition to Asia, it is rare to see where people queue up to buy a new phone. From then on, Yarrow analyzed that risking a fragile double-sided back-up device was what proved "class." But the trend is always changing. You must know big shoes adidas Yeezy 700. Assuming that, in the future smartphones will only be thinner without thickening for eye catching?

But speaking happily, after all, proving yourself with the "naked" iPhone may not be as cool as it is … not bothering to use a smartphone, like the heads of state or the corporation's president. They have to make too many important decisions, and so they give their phones to assistants to help with their own work. That is the highest realm of proving myself.


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