Thanks to friends from the media for setting up a tea party, the united nations party is committed to defending the existing indigenous constituencies-united daily

Kuching, 22 (Reporter): The coming Sarawak United Solidarity Party election will be dedicated to defending the existing indigenous constituencies and redouble its efforts to win more support from the people.
The party ’s chairman, Datuk Seri Wong Soon-hyun, revealed during a brief speech sharing afternoon tea with media personnel in Kuching today that the party is mainly visiting the Daya constituency, but it will also actively explore new areas throughout the whole province and serve the people wholeheartedly. .
Huang Shunyu, also a member of the Shanwang Ashan Prefecture, said that since he resigned as Cabinet Minister on August 25 last year, he has been busy with party activities and has little contact with media friends. Therefore, he hopes to meet the media friends through this tea party And thank media friends for their coverage of the party ’s activities in the past.
He said that since his beloved Huang Qiyao passed away during the New Year last year, they did not celebrate the Lunar New Year this year, so they are still in the mourning period. Four came to pay me a New Year, but I’m sorry about that.

Lao Yue Shun Lat Shun Hua Primary School

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