Thankfully, Telltale's top-notch series of games have returned to Steam

After a long hiatus, Telltale's top games finally returned to Steam. Except for The Walking Dead (owned by Skybound), other game series like Batman, Wolf Among Us or Puzzle Agent can be found and bought on Steam.

Reportedly, after nearly a year of sudden shutdown due to the notoriety in the field of human resources, Telltale Games and a number of key games will now have a new terminal with the acquisition of LCG Entertainment – a success. new joint stock company with plans to redesign the studio and restart unfinished projects like Batman or The Wolf Among Us.

Thankfully, Telltale's top-notch series of games have returned to Steam - Picture 1.

In a recent interview, Telltale's current CEO, Jamie Ottilie, shared: "If there is a game that claims to have a powerful and engaging storytelling, it will always be on the scale with Telltale products. So it's not too surprising. Players and colleagues alike regret our sudden closure, and we believe that there will still be many opportunities to rebuild our company and our heritage, and we look forward to want to rebuild from that heritage. "

The representative of LCG confirmed that Telltale under LCG will still open its arms to welcome the old employees back and will offer them better positions in the future. However, the fact that Ottilie acknowledged that the former directors who were incumbent during the crisis of the studio will still appear in key positions that seem to go against the criteria of the revival of the LCG when they are not. can completely replace his leadership, as well as not be able to bring a new life in an old body. Therefore, although excited about Telltale's return, players should refrain from further expectations about this studio in the future.

At the moment, you can buy and download Telltale titles on Steam here.

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