Thailand guarded the risk of spreading COVID-19 on the occasion of Tet Nguyen in picture 1People choose to buy decorations to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 27, 2021. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

Thailand’s Ministry of Health has expressed concern about the potential spread of COVID-19 when families reunite to pick them up. Lunar New Year Upcoming.

Director of the Department of Emergency Disease Control and Health Risks under the Department Disease Control Chawetsan Namwat emphasized the importance of strict social distancing in family gatherings.

Chawetsan advises families to celebrate safely by using video calls to reduce face-to-face contact, especially with the elderly in the at-risk group.

People should wear a mask when talking, or use video calling chat apps to reduce direct exposure.

According to Mr. Chawetsan, people will still have to comply with disease control measures until the community immunity becomes available. Active testing will continue, although the number of COVID-19 cases has begun to decline.

Thailand on February 7 recorded an additional 237 cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases in the country since the pandemic broke out a year ago to 23,371 people, of which 79 died.

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Among the newly recorded cases, 112 were discovered under the proactive testing campaign, 113 were discovered in hospitals and 12 imported. So far, 14 out of 77 provinces and cities in Thailand have not recorded any new infections within 7 days from January 31.

Meanwhile, the poll results of the National Institute of Development Management (NIDA) were published on February 7, most Thai people are satisfied with the Government’s handling of the COVID wave- 19 second, but nearly 1/4 of the population does not want to be vaccinated.

The survey was conducted by telephone interview of 1,315 people aged 15 years and over, with different educational and career backgrounds in the country from February 1-3. When asked what they would do with the vaccination COVID-1963.12% of the respondents said they would accept the free government-provided vaccine, but nearly a quarter (23.57%) said they did not want the vaccine.

In addition, 7.98% of the respondents said they want to get vaccinated in a private government approved hospital at their own expense, while 5.33% did not comment or care.

Regarding the level of satisfaction with the government’s treatment in the second wave of COVID-19, 27.60% of the respondents are very satisfied and 42.13% are moderately satisfied, saying that the measures were taken quickly to contain outbreaks and areas were clearly classified to indicate the severity of the outbreak.

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