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Thailand to Wisharawish


Wisharawish is a brand that presents traditional crafts and culture from all parts of Thailand as contemporary fashion to the world.

The land area of ​​Thailand is about 1.5 times that of Japan.

It consists of 77 regions, and as in Japan, there are many traditional crafts in each region.

In Japan, there are fabrics that have their respective characteristics, such as Kyo-Yuzen in Kyoto and Kiryu-ori in Gunma, but they are also found in Thailand, and a collection that combines these fabrics with modern fashion.

Designer Wish graduated from the Faculty of Humanities, National Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest and most established authority, founded in 1917, and then went to France to study fashion and design at the Institut Francais de la Mode.

When working on a collection, visit the local fabric workshop, meet with artisans, share information about contemporary fashion trends, discuss in detail the background of your collection theme, and share the collection together. I am producing.

We had a collaboration flower with Japanese flower artist Ivre for the pop-up store in Tokyo.

Ivre is a duo of artists who studied under Flower Artist Nobu Higashi → Ivre

It contains dried flowers of haze grass, tea, mimosa and rock filica.


Wisharawish dough comes with dried flowers.

The salmon pink fabrics are from Purfay-Bray, the dark blue check fabrics are from Perkaoma Rathanguri and the striped fabrics are from Perfay-Chiangmai.

A popup store is being held at the Tokyu Brothers Ginza 3F CONCENTO PARIS HPFRANCE Ginza store until August 7th.

If you go near, please have a look.



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