Thailand has more than 20,000 cases of COVID-19, Malaysia has an image of 1People wear masks to prevent infection COVID-19 in Bangkok, Thailand, January 11, 2021. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

Thailand on 2/2 recorded 836 more case of COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections to 20,618. Of the newly announced cases, there were 819 domestic infections and 17 entries.

On the same day, Thailand announced two more deaths due to COVID-19, all of whom were elderly, bringing the total number of people killed from the disease to 79 patients.

It is expected that Thailand will announce the specific plan for the nationwide vaccination of COVID-19 in the middle of this month.

Sophon Mekthon, chairman of the COVID-19 Vaccine Management Subcommittee of Thailand Government Sophon Mekthon said that the agency had prepared national vaccination and will officially begin in June when Siam Bioscience begins vaccine production AstraZeneca.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA) said Johnson & Johnson are also seeking to register a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine in the Southeast Asian country.

AstraZeneca is expected to ship the first batch of vaccine earlier this month, but due to EU (EU) restrictions, delivery times need to be extended, said Sophon.

Thailand has also ordered 2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from the Chinese company Sinovac, and the FDA is currently studying the efficacy and side effects of the Sinovac vaccine before it is put into emergency use in the country.

So far, Sinovac has not submitted all of the documents required for approval as it is waiting for full approval from the Chinese authorities.

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On the same day, the Malaysian government decided to extend the blockade across the country, except for one state, and travel restrictions for another two weeks, to February 18, in the context of the Southeast Asian nation’s testimony. witness a rapid increase in the number of new cases.

According to the plan, the current blockade will end on February 4. Malaysian Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, citing statistics from the Ministry of Health, said that the number of new cases in all states in the country continued to increase and the possibility of spreading the epidemic in the community remained high.

The blockade allows businesses to continue operating, especially small businesses and businesses, but maintains a ban on interstate travel and social activity.

On February 1, Malaysia recorded more than 4,000 new cases, bringing the total number of COVID-19 patients in the country to nearly 220,000 cases, of which 770 deaths.

Ngoc Quang-Thanh Huong-Viet Khoa (VNA / Vietnam +)