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Thailand canceled hundreds of flights on the occasion of the 2019 Lantern Festival

Chiang Mai Airport canceled many flights during the Lighthouse Festival 2019. Artwork:

Specifically, the airport will cancel 66 domestic flights, 30 international flights and adjust the schedule of 44 domestic flights and 14 international flights. Chiang Mai International Airport Deputy Director, Thanarat Prasertsri said the decision to cancel or adjust flight times during the upcoming Flower Festival is due to safety concerns of flights when multiple lanterns will be released into the sky. .

In addition, Chiang Mai Airport also strengthens patrols and security surveillance at runways, railway stations and surrounding areas, and also advises residents and tourists to limit the release of sky lights.

Thailand's Flower Festival is a long-standing traditional festival. Every year, the festival is held on the full moon night (the full moon) in December according to the Thai calendar (around November of the solar calendar) throughout Thailand and in some parts of Laos and Myanmar.

The Flower Festival is the second largest festival of the year, after the Songkran festival and is also one of Thailand's most beautiful, colorful and oldest festivals, including the largest scale in four provinces of Bangkok, Sukhothai. , Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai.

On this occasion, Thai people often drop light-burning lanterns to create propulsive force to fly into the sky, or to drop into rivers, lakes of small boats made of banana leaf, sponge or bread with candle light, with the meaning of showing respect and gratitude to the Goddess Phra Mae Khongkha for giving people a fresh and abundant water, and at the same time commemorating their ancestors and praying for good luck and happiness.

It is believed that when the lights are out of sight and the light is not turned off, all wishes will come true. At the festival, there are usually 4 main types of lanterns: khom kwaen (hanging lights), khom thue (small or portable hanging light sticks), pariwat (rotating lights) and khom loy / khom fai (hot air balloons).

The Lighthouse Festival in Chiang Mai province this year will take place from 9-12 November, in which the event held on the campus of Mae Jo University and Chai Mongkhon Temple is considered to be the most grand scale. Thailand. Tourists wishing to attend the event must make a reservation several months in advance at a cost of 100 to 300 USD for an entrance ticket.

On November 5, the Civil Aviation Administration of Thailand announced a ban on sky lanterns, hot air balloons, and fireworks near the airports during the 2019 Lighthouse Festival.

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