TH League S4: PC22.DIAMOND - When will you not win the championship?  Photo 1

TH League S4: PC22.DIAMOND – When will you not win the championship?

Millions of PC22 fans’ hearts are watching and heading to victory with the team’s historic trophy in the match this weekend.

After 10 extremely fierce and intense rounds, PC22, Diamond showed fans that they are the top candidate for the title. enemy through an extremely impressive performance. The strongest attack in the league combined with extremely sure defense has shown the level of the team that is leading the TH League S4 rankings this year.

“Vote” Thao of FC PC22 Diamond.

Under the direction of the experienced captain Ly Dinh Quy – former professional football player Thanh Hoa, PC22, Diamond has been on the right track on the Thanh Hoa soccer field. The bravery, determination, steel, fire and unique “monster” was coach Ly Dinh Quy blowing soul into PC22 members.Diamond. This made their performance more and more welcomed by fans and waited with excitement and love.

Always accompanying captain Ly Dinh Quy on all fronts is captain Tri Tung and a pair of expensive strikers such as Dwight Yorke and And Cole – Hung “shit” and Long “strabismus”. This diamond trio has made every defense in this season shiver.

 TH League S4: PC22.DIAMOND - When will you not win the championship?  Photo 1
Super brushed Long “strabismus”, Tri Tung and Hung “lost”.

“Spiderman” Bui Quang Chinh also has an extremely excellent and classy performance with the ball to save the home team with ten goals. of Ngoc “pomelo”, The Long and Tien Thuan have contributed to helping PC22, Diamond stand firmly at the top of the table.

New elements have brought fresh new features to the team, upgraded with strength, dexterity and class. Super brush Viet Diep – who has a skillful, delicate left-hand match with fast climbing performances and impressive high jump and head shots.

Next is the professional Dam Tien Dung – a magical left-footed player with the ball kicking straight into the corner in the goal, making the opponent just shake his head. The creative midfield trio of Viet Khuong, Van Dam and Van Thai have always been the soul of the team throughout the season. Former national player Le Hong Minh has also passed on valuable experiences to young players.

Players such as Thanh “ax”, Tung “bald”, Trung “pharmacy”, Anh Dung have made very important contributions on the field to protect the best results for the team in this year’s TH League S4 season. .

 TH League S4: PC22.DIAMOND - When will you not win the championship?  Photo 1
Captain Dinh Quy – former player of Halida Thanh Hoa and Hoa Phat Hanoi.

With a talented coach, skilled and high-class players, it would be extremely regrettable if this year PC22.Diamond did not raise the trophy. With only one step left, one final victory, PC22 players.Diamond will step to the top of the tournament’s highest glory.

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