TFBOYS exists in name only? Netizens: People in three directions can't be parallel for a long time

TFBOYS exists in name only? Netizens: People in three directions can’t be parallel for a long time

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Speaking of China’s most well-known men’s group, apart from the hot and beyond combinations in the last era and the young Tigers, it is the contemporary new generation of idol men’s group TFBOYS, which was born in the early 21st century and spread all over China.

When they officially debuted, the three were only 13 or 14 years old. Unexpectedly, they won the love of many netizens as soon as they debuted, and their fans have gradually increased, and they have become positive energy idols in the hearts of countless people.

Now they have been with each other for almost 8 years. The 8th anniversary concert of TFBOYS is about to kick off this summer, and many fans are looking forward to it. However, many netizens will also raise a lot of questions about the three TFBOYS today, saying that they are about to disband, saying that they are in name only. But what about the facts?

The beginning of the three little ones

At the beginning, TFBOYS always sang many songs on major music platforms, and was reposted by many original singers. At that time, the Internet in China had just emerged, and children did not have their own mobile phones as early as they are now, so at that time, most of the girls who liked them were college girls or mothers.

Later, by chance, they received an invitation from Happy Camp. It was the most distinguished guests and actors who looked like “children” at the time, including Ouyang Nana, Liu Haoran, and Zhang Zifeng, appeared on the stage of Kuaiben. From that time on, many people began to like TFBOYS, many people slowly began to understand them, and even many fans fell in love with them at first sight and out of control.

However, it seems that they have gradually become popular and have entered the public’s field of vision, but this also means that they must bear more pressure. They are no longer like before, playing wherever they want to play, rehearsing all the time, busy releasing albums, busy practicing dance.

It is not only physical fatigue, because physical fatigue has the blessing and name of dreams. Although I feel tired, it is happy. But as their reputation grew, more and more unprovoked irony, ridicule, and verbal abuse came to them. All kinds of sunspots, like a robber with nothing to do, deprived them of their body and mind, imposing unwarranted charges on them. “, deliberately corrupting their reputation.

I remember that at the beginning, they would still care about these things, but slowly, they continued to adjust their mental state and continued to concentrate on doing what they liked. They have no distractions, young people with high spirits, constantly training, and constantly correcting mistakes, just to present higher songs and dances, and present a better stage effect.

Finally, they survived the hardships and verbal abuse all the way, got through a boring training, and also ushered in their first flowers and applause. It was an influential music award at the time, and it was the annual festival of the music V list. In 2014, they won the Most Popular Singer Award in Mainland China and the Popular Music Live Streaming Singer Award.

It was the first time that they were on such a formal awards ceremony in China, and also the first time they appeared in front of many artists in the circle. This time, it was the biggest recognition and affirmation for them in the first few years of their debut. This time, they really got flowers and applause, and they really proved their strength.

In fact, as Yi Yang Qianxi said, there is no overnight fame, but it is all made into steel. This is indeed the case. Many netizens expressed surprise after hearing about their early experiences. They sighed that their journey was not so smooth, but their small age but great perseverance and courage can not help people. Amazed.

Clear path

Perhaps in recent years, that is, in the years since they went to university, their interaction on the screen has become less and less, and the company will not even let them mention the names of the other two members in their recorded programs. . Although there are various regulations, it can be seen that they still care about each other silently in some places.

In recent years, we can often see movies starring Yi Yan Qianxi on the screen, Wang Junkai participated in the recording of variety shows as the main PD, and Wang Yuan studied his favorite music at the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States, and published a lot of himself. Songs composed and composed.

The three of them are doing everything they like and are good at. In fact, it is not difficult for the careful netizens or fans to see that they are very focused and attentive in everything they do. Maybe this is the fans. Why do you like them?

For example, “You are a young man” starring Yi Yang Qianxi has been nominated for an Oscar, and the audience was also shocked by Qianxi’s acting. In some behind-the-scenes tidbits, it is not difficult to see that he has been studying every expression and every detail. Qian Xi is definitely a talented person in acting. Coupled with his calm and low-key personality, he is definitely A very hard worker.

Wang Junkai is also a teenager with a sense of variety. No matter how old he is, he has a sense of youth. Perhaps as a captain, he can always consider things comprehensively and thoughtfully. He is also a person with extremely high emotional intelligence. In the show, he is always the one who resolves embarrassing topics and will not let the guests’ words fall to the ground.

However, except for sister Yang Zi, after all, they would burst into laughter as soon as they stayed together. The audience liked to watch them chat. Wang Yuan is always doing his own music carefully. From the lyrics to the music, he has personally experienced himself, and has always maintained the most fundamental originality. Originality itself is a great thing.

Fans’ expectations and blessings

As a young man in his 20s, he can find a career that he is good at and love, and all these things are related to his dreams. The three of them are already a big step beyond their peers. Many fans have said that although I like them, they are far better than us. I will always follow in their footsteps and follow them.

I will also enter my own abilities to become a useful person to society, so that if we have the opportunity to meet them, we will not feel inferior, so that we will have the confidence to like them. In fact, this is true. What kind of people tend to attract the same people because their magnetic fields are almost the same.

The encounter and companionship of Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, and Yi Yang Qianxi are like this. The TFBOYS group and their fans are like this. It is because they have light in their hearts that they attract each other and become a generation in the 21st century entertainment circle. The legend also showed netizens their spiritual outlook as millennials.

to sum up:

Many netizens will speculate that TFBOYS has long existed in name only, saying that it has nothing to do with fans, but the gap between the three of them is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, let’s think about it, is the gap between them getting bigger and bigger? When it comes to fundamentals, it’s still not. Because they choose different fields of intensive farming. In the words of netizens, “people in three directions can’t be parallel for a long time.”

Qian Xi is destined to be a talented actor born for the big screen. Wang Junkai is a very responsible artist with musical and variety skills, and Wang Yuan has always been on his own musical path. They just changed from the previous singing and dancing to a more precise field, found the most suitable thing for them, and kept doing it.


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