[TF인터뷰] Kwon Young-chan, "I can't wait to see Kim Ho-joong threats anymore. Report the police"

[TF인터뷰] Kwon Young-chan, “I can’t wait to see Kim Ho-joong threats anymore. Report the police”

Kwon Young-chan said, “I made my first report at 9 pm on the 23rd, and today I made a second report at 10:52 am,” and “I am preparing related documents to file a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office next week.” Said. The picture is Kwon Young-chan at the time of the recent interview with The Fact. / Reporter Sejun Lim

“A relative of the former agency Mr. A, Kim Ho-joong exceeded the degree of abusive attack”

[더팩트|강일홍 기자] “To attack by posting such a terrible swearword online is not a serious threat to murder beyond the blasphemy of a specific celebrity. As a party leading the Celebrity Suicide Prevention Association, I cannot afford to condone, so I reported it to the police twice twice. I came to do it.”

Broadcaster Kwon Young-chan (52) again accused singer Kim Ho-jung’s former agency official A and relative B (female) to the police on the morning of the 28th. This is because they judged that the threat of blackmail against Kim Ho-jung had exceeded the degree. It is the second time after 9 o’clock on the 23rd, five days ago.

Kwon Young-chan explained the background to the police through an interview with and 99 episodes at 11 pm on the 28th. This is the first time that he explained the background of the accusation in an interview with the media after the second accusation, which was difficult to connect. He said, “Because the complaint is not the party, it is possible only to obtain a power of attorney. First, the case is urgent, so I filed a report with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department.

Kwon Young-chan is currently in charge of the counseling center of the Korean Celebrity Suicide Prevention Association, and has been providing counseling and consulting for free for celebrities who are economically difficult and celebrities suffering from stress since long ago.

Ho-jung Kim, who is being threatened by former agency officials./The Fact DB

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-I filed a second police report today, and I am curious about the background.

In a recent cafe post, I uploaded a face T-shirt that cut out only the eyes of Kim Ho-joong along with the swear words of killing him, and it was terrifying. There is also a picture of Kim Ho-jung’s CD breaking with a hammer, but I thought this was beyond the serious level. If you let go of the threat of killing someone, something bigger could happen next time. As the director of the Celebrity Suicide Prevention Association, I could not condone this part, so I reported it to 112.

He said, “I made my first report at 9 pm on the 23rd, and today I made a second report at around 10:52 am,” he said. “We are preparing related documents to file a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office next week.” Said.

-Who are the people who threaten Kim Ho-jung?

I am known as a manager, but what I am aware of is Mr. A, a former agency official who is acting on behalf of local events. I heard that the person who posted the threatening text and photo on the anti-cafe this time is a member of Mr. A’s family, Mr. B. Former agency official, Mr. A, was in a relationship where Kim Ho-jung launched a local event and shared the proceeds by half and half after it was released as a Pavarotti image on broadcasts (such as’stockings’) when he was unknown. Then, as Kim Ho-joong was treated as a star as’Mr. Trot’, conflicts arose due to interests.

Recently, a t-shirt with a face cut out of his eyes, along with swearwords of killing Kim Ho-jung, aroused controversy in an online community. A photo of the performance of breaking the CD of Hojoong Kim with a hammer was also posted. /Kim Hojoong Anti-Cafe capture

-Did you have a prior rapport with Hojoong Kim or Hojoong Kim’s agency?

There was no rapport at all, but this shouldn’t happen even if it’s not Kim Ho-jung. Posting swear words and eerie photos in online anti-cafes watched by thousands of people is actually intimidation, insult, or fatal defamation. I don’t think there is any reason for anyone who is not a famous celebrity to suffer from unfair threats.

-Isn’t it possible that a third party intervenes in the matters between the parties and the work is complicated?

There are many examples of celebrities who were suffering from malicious comments or threats before making extreme choices. I believe that Hojoong Kim is having a hard time unilaterally spreading unconfirmed content from the former agency’s people. If there are rumors or anything wrong, you can argue in court. I know that the agency is also responding, but even if someone takes the courage to file a third-party accusation, we need to prevent something more unfortunate.

Kwon Young-chan said, “I know that Mr. A expressed his dissatisfaction so explicitly that he said,’I regret not saying that when Kim Ho-joong asked for a manager, after Kim Ho-joong became a star.’ “At first, he personally posted an intimidating article Now the attack continues through the family.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Young-chan directly revealed that he reported to 112 a relative of Mr. A who posted a threatening post on Kim Ho-jung’s anti-cafe through his YouTube’Kwon Young-chan’. A former agency official, Mr. A, has been conducting a revelation battle, including personally revealing the Kakao Talk messages exchanged with Kim Ho-jung, and Mr. B, one of Mr. A’s family members, is known as the party who submitted the’Kim Ho-jung KBS eviction petition’.


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