Texas saved itself after a double disaster?

Texas saved itself after a double disaster?

Republican Governor Abbott told the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce in Texas on March 2 that he decided to drop the mandatory masking requirement in the state and allow the business to “open 100%”.

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Texas faced a double disaster with electricity and water, is still at risk of spreading COVID-19 but is still 100% open, no mask required.

“For almost half a year, most businesses were open only 75 percent or 50 percent. During that time, too many Texans were left out of job opportunities, too many small business owners,” Abbott said. It’s struggling to pay bills. This has to end. It’s time to open 100 percent Texas. All businesses that want to operate should be open. “

The Governor of Texas explained that he would lift restrictions against Covid-19 because the vaccine arrived. Testing and treatment have also improved.

“Texas has tools to help protect people from viruses,” he said.

Governor Abbott ordered the mandatory wearing of masks in America’s second most populous state eight months ago. The governor said the executive order to lift the regulation, among other restrictions, will take effect from March 3.

The deregulation rules include limits on the number of diners or customers allowed inside a property, Abbott said. The new rules will come into effect on March 10, he said.

While Mr Abbott notes that properties may still limit the number of customers or require a mask, the change opens the door to potentially large social gatherings, including at stadiums. sports, concert venues and other major venues, according to The Dallas Moring News.

Texas state tuu tuu cuu cuu kep?
Governor Greg Abbott of Texas – Photo: Reuters.

This statement is endorsed by a broad spectrum of Texans. The state has just experienced a severe crisis when a blizzard came, causing water to freeze and power outages. Where there is electricity, the bill will skyrocket many times, forcing consumers to pay bills, otherwise the power will be cut, unable to meet the most basic heating needs.

Many lawmakers in the state agree with the federal government’s assistance in paying for the state’s skyrocketing electricity bills, but it takes procedures and takes a long time to get it approved.

There is a view that, Texas has long had the ambition of “independence from the United States”, so it does not receive the attention of the President’s administration under the Democratic Party. However, President Joe Biden has always opposed such a view.

Just a day before an announcement from Texas, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Rochelle Walensky warned the country could lose all its recent anti-Covid-19 achievements in the face of strains. nCoV is contagious.

Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers, professor of integrated biology and director of the COVID-19 Model Building Association of the University of Texas, maintains that the risk of disease transmission persists and that the removal of exposure restrictions is not suitable, bringing many risks.

“Everything is on the right track does not mean we have successfully eliminated the risk,” said Meyers.

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