Texas has a place that’s colder than Alaska

A record cold storm is falling on 25 states in the US, paralyzing many areas of central and southern America, where people are not accustomed to blizzards burying things as they are. northeast. Texas alone is the hardest hit and it is reported that more than 2.8 million residents here have lost their power, due to the excessive demand for electricity due to the competition to turn on the heater.

According to the central Texas site, temperatures in some parts of the state sometimes drop to over minus 9 degrees Celsius, up to three degrees colder than those in Alaska. The US Weather Forecast Center has warned that “the Arctic cold” will permeate the Great Plains and Houston, TX will be able to go down to minus 8 degrees Celsius, an unprecedented cold level here, breaking the negative 7 Celsius return 1905.

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A brother in Texas told me, frightful brother

I remember last year I was in Southern California around this time, somewhere in the morning 7-8 degrees Celsius and I was all over, just wanted to get inside the heater. Hopefully any brothers who are in Texas or the surrounding area will quickly pass this winter.

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