Texas apartment shooting: The suspect is a law enforcement officer

Texas apartment shooting: The suspect is a law enforcement officer

Austin City police, Texas (USA), on April 18, arrested the suspect in the case of three people who were shot and killed in an apartment earlier on the same day.

General Texas: The suspect is a staff officer
Suspect shot and killed three people in an apartment building, Stephen Broderick. Photo: Austin Police Department

Acting Chief of Police Austin Joseph Chacon has identified this shooting suspect as Stephen Broderick, 41 years old.

According to Mr. Chacon, preliminary information shows that the suspect may be a law enforcement officer.

This incident was “an active shooting”. Austin Police also asked people to stay on the spot, when concerned that the suspect was hiding may take hostages.

General Texas: The suspect is a staff officer
Police arrived at the scene of the shooting in Austin.

The shooting occurred near a famous shopping district in the northwestern part of Austin. Local health forces said three “adult victims” were killed at the scene of the shooting. The victims included one woman and two men.

On Sunday also took place another shooting at a pub in the University of Kenosha, City. Kenosha, Wisconsin. According to local police, the shooting was a deliberate act in advance. The shooter appeared to target victims, and the incident could be rooted in personal conflict.

David Beth, Kenosha city police, said that although the perpetrator has not been arrested, the city police ensure safety for local residents.

Three people were killed and two others were injured in the shooting above.

General Texas: The suspect is a staff officer
Rescue forces arrived at the scene of the shooting.

Thus, since March 16, the United States has recorded at least 46 mass shootings that caused many deaths and injuries, bringing the total number of shootings from the beginning of 2021 in the US to 150.

The shootings are small but frequent, are believed to be the influence of US President Joe Biden’s policy of wanting to control firearms.

President Biden affirmed that gun violence must end, considering this a “shame of the country”; At the same time calling on the US Congress to enact measures to control gun safety in this country, including the ban on offensive weapons and large-volume bearings.

The current President has compared gun violence to an “epidemic” in the country, killing too many people every day.

“We can and must do more to reduce gun violence and ensure the safety of the people” – he stressed.

US Vice President Kamala Devi Harris also affirmed that ending gun violence in the US is not a matter of controversy. On the same day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the US Congress should also allow victims to sue gun manufacturers.

Mr. Biden has announced six executive decrees on the ownership and violence of guns in the US to “appease” public opinion because the crisis of gun control in the community is increasingly complicated. Two bills aimed at tightening possession of guns were also passed by the US House of Representatives in mid-March.

During the campaign last year, Mr. Joe Biden also pledged to enact more safety measures related to guns. However, the White House boss is forced to prioritize spending the first months of his term focusing on the Covid-19 vaccination campaign and promoting stimulus measures to revive the economy.

Gun violence has been a pain in American society for a long time. Gun tragedies have occurred in the country with the highest number of gun owners in the world.

Every year, the United States records an average of nearly 40,000 gun-related deaths and more than half of them are due to suicide.

So far, however, the deep contradictions and divisions in American politics over gun control have left this problem unanswered.

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