Tetris will be removed from the Apple App Store in April 2020

The publisher Electronic Arts has just announced that the Tetris game for iOS will be removed from the App Store on April 21, but also that it would be impossible to play it after that date, even for those who bought the game.

Image 1: Tetris will be removed from the Apple App Store in April 2020

Make the game impossible to paying customers remains a decision which is controversial. Should we indeed consider that we are buying a product or a user license which can be revoked at any time?

EA removes Tetris and makes it non-playable to those who bought it

If there are other alternatives to fans of Tetris, it will take, for a good number of players, go back to the cashier, EA Games having taken the decision not only to remove Tetris for iOS from the App Store, but also to stop its servers, making it impossible to use including those who bought the game. Bad news for fans of this game over 30 years old.

EA said in its press release, “We have had a wonderful trip with you so far, but sadly, it is time to say goodbye. The April 21, 2020, the Tetris app by EA will be removed and will no longer be playable. Please note that you can enjoy the game and the items in the game until April 21, 2020. We hope you have enjoyed many hours of fun with this game and we appreciate your support. “

The game hasn’t had any updates since the summer of 2018, but what is worth this change in attitude today is that Tetris license granted to EA to sell mobile games for 15 years expires in April. We are nevertheless entitled to wonder whether the decision to make Tetris unplayable is justified. Technically it is not, Tetris after all does not need an internet connection to function. Why not take the opportunity to test another version of the game, like the amazing Tetris Effect on PlayStation VR?

Source: MacRumors

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