# Tet21: Do you like to celebrate Tet at home or to travel?

Tet is a big holiday with the most time off in the year, that’s why many people often take advantage of this time to travel with their family after a year of hard work. However, many people also believe that Tet is an opportunity to return home to reunite with their families. So what about you?

Tell me a little bit about my case, my relatives are all in Saigon, plus my parents are very busy all year and don’t have many days off to go away, so every Tet comes. Our family will often travel together. Almost every year is the same, because according to my mother, everyone will have their own day off each year, it is difficult for the whole family to go together so Tet is a rare occasion so going together. Although traveling on Tet holiday also has many shortcomings such as more crowded, everything costs are higher (not to mention service fees) and even some restaurants are closed.


I also witnessed many cases of friends around me, family members in Saigon, so it didn’t take too much time to visit, usually only took half a day on the 1st. Coffee, but not at home. Therefore, I feel that for those households who have been working away from home for the whole year, they should go back to their hometown, but if the whole family has lived in the same city, they should travel together for fun, no need to move to be tired. A better way is to arrange to go home for a few days and then go out together is best.


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