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“Tet” with this technology will certainly mean

( New Year lucky money is a good custom to send to loved ones good luck wishes in the new year. Usually the lucky money gift is money, but have you ever thought about choosing a technology gift to celebrate your relatives’ age?

If you do not know how to give lucky money in a unique way, why not try to change by choosing Galaxy A51 to be a New Year’s gift for parents or lover? Galaxy A51 is a Samsung phone. Most worthy of the present thanks to its luxurious design and sharing of looks with the upcoming Galaxy S20. On the other hand, the device also possesses advanced technologies that are rare in the segment.

Camera is one of the most outstanding features on Galaxy A51, it has up to 4 cameras with Sony IMX 586 48MP main sensor with 12MP wide-angle camera and 5MP macro photography camera combined with 5MP font removal sensor. With these four cameras, it is sure to help you and your loved ones not miss any beautiful corner during Tet, diversity in creative images to share with friends.

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Tet is also the time for people to gather together to watch Tet movies, especially in the technological age, watching movies on mobile is increasingly popular. Samsung has always been the largest screen manufacturer in the world, so the Galaxy A51 has a super nice screen that is within this range. 6.5-inch size with Super AMOLED technology will help you and your loved ones have the best entertainment experience.

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Besides, Galaxy A51 also owns the trendy fingerprint technology in the screen for fast and responsive opening speed. On the other hand, to increase the user experience time, Samsung also equipped with a huge 4,000mAh battery and 15W fast charging technology for Galaxy A51 for long time using the device and only need 10 minutes to charge and 3 hours to watch movies immediately. continuity.

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For gamers, Exynos 9611 processor can fully meet the needs of playing the hottest games in this Tet holiday. The sound quality of the A51 is also improved compared to its predecessor to bring the best entertainment solution for users in the segment.


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