[Test Ride Report]The Dark Little Valkyrie YAMAHA “MT-15”

With the recent rise of young cars, major manufacturers have rushed to launch different 150cc-class cars, and the MT car series, known as a “torque master”, has also launched a new generation of light-duty cars MT-15. This time, Webike HK met with a charming female knight Yanbi to test drive this newly arrived MT-15 to see what the little Valkyrie called “Dark Japan” in this factory promotional film has magic.

First of all, let me introduce the Thai version of MT-15. There is also an Indonesian version with ABS and a front fork setting. The Thai version uses an inverted front fork but no ABS. In addition, the Thai version looks at the appearance. Draw a more combative and more cooperative image of the MT family.

In addition, the body color of the MT-15 tested this time is a special limited edition. The main color of the MT-15 is light dark green with a silver background. The attention degree is more eye-catching than the ordinary MT family.

After the new generation of MT-15 has evolved in appearance, it has completely followed the “Samurai” appearance of the MT series. A pair of powerful LED daytime running lights on the top of the front of the car look forward, and there is a dual-function Bi Functional LED below. Fish-eye LED headlights are very bright and highly recognizable when driving at night.

As for the air inlets located on the lower sides of the fuel tank, the editor originally thought it was similar to the RAM AIR ram air inlet used by heavy machinery, but after the store explained it, they understood the instructions and decoration. The editor feels that if a refitting manufacturer launches refitting parts in the future, it can be changed to a duct to direct the air to the air filter, the performance of this “Little Warrior” should be improved. The rear part of the car is very similar to the R6 as far as the editor is concerned. The 3D wind guide shape is very eye-catching, and the taillights are equipped with LED brake lights with separate halogen direction lights.

In fact, stand a little further and look at the MT-15. Its size is really similar to the previous 2020 MT-03. Its official size is 2020mm (length) X 800mm (width) X 1070 mm (height), 1335mm. The wheelbase really makes people think that he is a 300-class car, and with a seat height of 810mm, sitting on it makes people feel like they are in the same level.

In terms of power, the MT-15 uses the same 155CC water-cooled four-stroke SOHC four-valve single-cylinder engine with the same XSR 155 and NMAX that are currently hot in the Hong Kong market, coupled with a VVA variable valve system. With the assistance of VVA, The horsepower of this car can reach the maximum horsepower of 19.3ps/10,000RPM and the maximum torque of 1.42Kg/M/8,500 RPM. This performance is used on a car with a dry weight of only 138KG, which is already top in its class. Like the XSR 155, the MT-15 also uses a sliding clutch, which allows the rider to complete the action more smoothly when upshifting or reversing, and it can also effectively reduce the impact caused by shift errors.

In terms of frame, the MT-15 uses the DELTABOX frame that YAMAHA is proud of, with the previous 41mm inverted front fork, single gun multi-link rear shock and aluminum alloy double rocker settings. Although the original suspension system does not provide an adjustable function, its combat style can still be seen in the settings. The knight seat position is also concentrated in the middle of the vehicle and the center of gravity is relatively aggressive.

For the chassis and brakes, the front and rear 17-inch fluorescent green cast wheels are used, with front one-way double-piston calipers and 267mm fixed discs, and the rear wheels use single-piston calipers with 240mm discs. This is necessary to stop the brakes. A small steel cannon is not a problem at all, but if the Thai specification is also equipped with an ABS anti-lock system, it will definitely be icing on the cake.

The large LCD display panel can display a lot of driving information without being too cluttered. The most important engine speed display spans the entire LCD instrument. The speed display below allows the rider to easily know the engine and driving while driving. In addition, the instrument panel can display information such as average fuel consumption and average vehicle speed. The most attractive thing is the gear display and VVA system activation instructions on the upper left of the instrument panel, making the entire instrument layout more perfect and A sense of fighting.

The switch functions on both sides of the handle are relatively simple. The left side only has the necessary far/in light switch, direction light and horn, and the right side only has the engine start button.

Edit test drive sense

When I first saw this new generation of MT Xiaowu Shen, I actually had high expectations, because I had tested the Nmax and XSR 155 before. These two cars with the same engine, compared to the 155CC The water-cooled single-cylinder VVA engine is not dissatisfied at all. When the 7000RPM and VVA system intervenes, the engine sound is slightly variable, and the car that itself is still walking briskly immediately advances like a Red Bull. Of course, this is compared with the 150cc class. So don’t compare this small car with only 155cc to other rivals.

When this MT-15 starts VVA, it is also different from the XSR155 and NMAX equivalent brothers. The biggest difference is that the exhaust volume is more eye-catching and louder than the two of them, although the setting of this engine is high. , But I still deliberately feel the low-torque performance of the MT-15 in the urban streets. The MT-15 carries a weight of 105 kg. When driving normally on busy roads, I don’t need to deliberately increase the number of revolutions to maintain power. In the 4000-7000 rpm area, you can still easily walk in the car group.

When it comes to the high-speed section, the author has tried its extreme speed, but what is surprising is that the performance of this little Valkyrie is as if there is still a lot of strength. I believe that if the author turns the throttle fiercely, I will use this 155 cc Pushing the car to its limit is not impossible.

In terms of braking force, the author thinks that it is very sufficient, but the front brake feels a bit stiff. In addition, like the author, these tall and fat people (181cm high, 105kg) often ride light-speed vehicles, what they fear most is The riding position is uncomfortable, but the MT-15 can still give the author a very comfortable feeling. The ratio of the riding triangle is no different from that of a 300-level street car.

MT female rider Yanbi test drive feeling

This time the editor invited Yanbi, a female rider with rich driving experience, to test this MT-15. With a petite body, she has the experience of driving a YAMAHA MT-07, so I asked her to comment on this one. The small steel cannon fits perfectly.

When Yanbi first saw the MT-15, her reaction was that the car was very small and cute. Maybe she once owned a 700 cc street car in the same series, so she said that the MT-15 is very much like a mini. The version of MT-07. Moreover, this car makes her feel closer to the people, allowing more friends with different body shapes and driving experience to come into contact with the charm of the “torque master”.

In terms of riding feeling, she is comfortable with a height of 160cm, but a slightly higher pedal position will slightly affect the riding comfort. The height and width of the handle are very comfortable for this charming girl, and the little Valkyrie can be easily controlled during driving.

In terms of performance, Yanbi said that the performance of the MT-15 is completely suitable for driving in the urban area. The Pick Up response is quite good at the start. On the express highway, the MT-15 can also be given to her without too much engine activation. Brisk steps to drive.

Yanbi also gave this car a lot of positive comments on handling. First of all, the light body makes the rider’s pressure greatly reduced. The front inverted fork and rear single-gun suspension are very suitable for driving in general city streets, and it is a soft setting. The bumpy roads also effectively absorb shocks.

Finally, Yanbi said that if the price is the same, she said that she would choose MT-15 as a daily scooter rather than a speed car, because the most important car has a higher playability than a speed car, and After the face change, the MT-15 has improved a lot in terms of performance and appearance, and the original MT-15 is already equipped with a lower protective cover for the engine. This is a configuration that other MT cars do not have, so she I also feel that this little Valkyrie is very cost-effective.

When returning the car to the GPX, Yanbi indicated the position of the MT-15 front turn signal, plus the newly designed headlight set, which looks like a “Bumblebee” in the modified steel, so he said that MT-15 is cute. Edit I really can’t help but admire her imagination.

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