[Test ride report]Poseidon descends to save sentient beings! Triumph「Trident 660」

Hi everyone, I’m the uncle.

Triumph Trident 660, a new middleweight sports street car released at the end of last year, has attracted the attention of many car fans after its release. The general agent Anton Trading also introduced this new-generation car with a retro look and a sense of technology in the fastest time, and officially announced a price of 398,000 to attack the middleweight retro street car market. Can this new-generation three-cylinder street car with British descent stand out from its competitors in terms of equipment and handling? Let the uncle show you.

Continuing the excellent DNA of the TRIPLE family

When I first saw this Trident 660, I just thought how the car looked so tight! The huge fuel tank and the short tail present an interesting ratio. From the appearance, it is obvious that it is a retro sports street car, but after stepping on the trident 660, it still feels like the older brother Street triple 765.

The more upright riding posture is easier than the slightly combat posture of the 765 RS. The holding of the fuel tank is also very interesting. I thought it could lean on the depressions on both sides of the fuel tank, but it actually leaned at the junction between the lower edge of the fuel tank and the frame. The recessed design has a good dependence on the inner thighs. It is easier for the lower body at times.

The power of 81ps is considered superior among competitors at the same level. More importantly, the re-adjusted engine has a smoother output. The torque starts to emerge after about 4,000 rpm. The torque that comes with the transmission is matched with the weight of only 189kg. Trident 660’s response on the mountain road is quite flexible. Taking the setting of a retro sports street car, if the tires can be upgraded to a more sporty grade, I believe that there will be better feedback in the cornering response.

Rich electronic control that is better than rivals at the same level

Compared with hard-core data such as vehicle weight and power, the uncle feels that the biggest surprise of Trident 660 is definitely its performance under the blessing of rich electronic control. In order to build a very competitive middleweight entry street car, Triumph has integrated many electric vehicles. The control system is decentralized. In addition to ABS, the two power mode switching and the switchable TC tracking control system can be said to be the most abundant equipment in the same class of cars in China.

The intuitive menus and built-in settings do not have the customizable functions of the 765 RS, but for an entry-level car, they are actually sufficient.

With the blessing of the electronic control system, both novices and advanced knights can easily control the Trident 660. Although the front and rear suspension damping can not be adjusted, it can be used adequately under the deep training of the British. But if you want more intense driving, the uncle still recommends upgrading the suspension before trying.

There is also an optional smart APP system that can link navigation, music and control the Gopro camera. This feature is definitely a big plus for knights who are accustomed to wearing Gopro. Through the APP software and the control keys on the handle, it is no longer necessary. Look at the rearview mirror to check whether the Gopro on the head is turned on or recorded.

Three View

The seat height is only 805mm, so that a knight who is not tall can kiss Yoshizawa.

Although an integrated seat cushion is used, the front and rear seats are designed to provide good support for the hips when accelerating.

Judging from the uncle’s 183cm figure, both feet can touch the ground, and the knees can be bent, and a knight with a height of about 175 cm can easily control it.

Vehicle appearance and details

The retro prototype headlights use LED lighting, and the near/far lights are designed to separate up and down.

Compared with the fish-eye design adopted by competitors at the same level, the uncle still prefers this kind of projection design with the feel of halogen headlights. There is a T-shaped Triumph logo in the middle partition.

The front fork was manufactured by Showa. The 41mm SFF inverted design adds a touch of movement. The 120mm stroke is appropriately adjusted and the overall feedback is full of fun. However, it is a pity that there is no adjustable structure due to the product positioning.

The front brake is a two-sided one-way dual piston with 310mm discs. Compared with cars in the same class, the level of equipment can only be said to be basic.

The vision of the handlebar is quite refreshing, and the design of the single round instrument and the part of the handlebar take-up continue the delicate texture of Triumph.

Compared with the Street Triple model, the newly developed left-hand handle assembly is quite intuitive in the operation interface. From top to bottom, they are: four-way menu operation, confirm button, direction light, menu and red horn button.

The right-hand handle assembly integrates the switch and starter, and the parking warning is moved to the bottom. Because of the electronic throttle, the throttle seat is independent.

The front brake lever has an adjustable spacing function.

The keyhole is located between the faucet and the fuel tank.

The wide front and narrow fuel tank design makes the Trident 660 very good in holding. Although the actual holding position of most people is in the depression below the fuel tank, the visual part that joins on these two sides is handled quite well. .

Using the layers of plastic and fuel tank body stacked, the curve from the rear is quite graceful.

The water-cooled three-cylinder engine derived from Street Triple S has a slight reduction in horsepower, but after optimization of internal parts and gearbox, it can output 90% torque from 3,600 rpm to 9,750 rpm.

The unique three-cylinder exhaust sound is more melodious after being tuned by the under-mounted exhaust pipe.

The setting of the exhaust pipe on the lower side makes the Trident 660’s center of gravity lower and more concentrated.

For the large cooling water tank in front of the engine, it is recommended to install a protective net to prevent foreign objects such as flying rocks from damaging the fins of the water tank.

Clean routing and layout are one of the details that Triumph insists on.

The rear shock adopts a central single-gun multi-link design, also manufactured by Showa, with a stroke of 133.5mm and an adjustable spring preload.

The pedal guards are presented in the original metal color, and the left and right pedals are made of aluminum alloy, and the design without rubber cushions adds a little fighting atmosphere.

The asymmetric rear rocker arm design popular in recent years also appears on the Trident 660.

The rear brake uses a one-way single-piston caliper manufactured by Nissin with a 256mm disc.

The original standard Michelin ROAD 5 dual-purpose tires are undoubtedly durable, but if they can be replaced with higher-end sports tires, they will have a better handling experience.

The pointed short rear design and no prominent rear armrest (optional) make the overall vision more neat.

The bottom-mounted rear card holder has both the functions of soil removal and light holder. The lights of Trident 660 all use LED bulbs.

Uncle broken thoughts

Today the general agent Anton Trading has issued an official suggested price of 398,000, which is undoubtedly a shocking bomb for the domestic middleweight entry street car market. In terms of equipment, it should be the most abundant among competitors in the same level. In terms of control, it is also at the forefront. In terms of exhaust sound, the unique rhythm of the three-cylinder engine and the specially-tuned exhaust tail section will not lose to the CB650R too much. Not to mention the DNA pedigree from European cars.

Well, when it comes to pedigree, some people may say that this is not made in Britain. Where is the pure pedigree? You know, the best selling CB650R is from the same place as Trident 660! So stop talking about the place of origin. At least, after the test ride, the uncle felt that at a price of 398,000, it was really possible to try the unattainable European models of the past, just like the ad said, “Sooner or later you will buy a European car, why not start… .”

I’m uncle, see you next time.

Original source: 2021 TRIUMPH TRIDENT 660 test drive Poseidon descends to save sentient beings, the official price is 398,000

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