[Test ride report]Mature man’s rally soul HONDA “CRF300 RALLY”

Hello everyone, I’m the uncle.

“Every man has a pulling soul in his heart!” Longing for mountains and longing for seas have more or less such thoughts for every man when he was playing in a car. Purebred MotoCross is hard to find in Taiwan. In addition to the price of large ADVs, it seems to be less capable of dirt roads; the power of white-branded forest road vehicles and the right of way seem to be a little worse. Finally, the introduction of the Honda CRF 300 Rally opened up another dream for men who had dreams of off-roading but hindered reality.

First, I will help you draw the key points of the change:

12.8L fuel tank to improve endurance, 153kg weight
LED headlights and turn signals are imported
Enhanced engine output for mid- and low-speed torque
Slip clutch
More labor-saving clutch lever
Comfortable cushion and goggles
Integrated rear brake master cylinder
More flexible frame and rear swingarm

Does the displacement upgrade change the soup without changing the dressing?In fact, most parts of evolution are not visible

The same strategy is adopted for the twin models of CRF 250L / Rally, but this time the change is not just to increase the displacement. In order to get better handling and fun, Honda engineers made the CRF 300L / Rally inside and outside. With many optimizations, this is also the most evolved model since the CRF 250L came out in 2012.

Let’s start with the engine first. In addition to increasing the displacement to 286c.c., this upgrade also changed the camshaft angle to optimize the valve timing and head, and increase the low-turn torque. The head and tail sections of the exhaust pipe have also been remade. The most important thing is to intensify the criticism of the weaker low turn.

The bottom of the gearbox has also been re-modified in response to off-road requirements, and the ground clearance has become higher and more retracted.

CRF 300L / Rally added a slip clutch, which relieves the lock-up of the rear wheels during a sudden reversal. Of course, the grip of the clutch lever is also more relaxed.Cooked

Emphasizing the needs of road use, the CRF300 Rally and the L version have quite a big difference in fuel tank capacity.

And the frame has been greatly modified, slimming is not only achieved, but also more flexible in rigidity! This is due to feedback from many car owners that the frame of the old CRF 250 car series is too rigid, which has become its weakness in terms of shock absorption and driving, so this time the change is to modify the frame to be more flexible.

The rigidity of the frame is softened, and the rear swingarm is also adjusted in the same way. Such a change is not difficult to understand. After all, users of these two cars will not engage in high-flying competitive activities like MotoCross. They are more lightly used for daily commuting and forest road exploration, so the excellent frame and rear The rocker’s sense of travel and feedback from the rider is not necessarily a positive plus point. Consumers prefer a soft tone with rigidity.

Since longer-distance use is emphasized, the chair cushion is slightly different from the L version. The width of the front and rear of the seat cushion is larger, and shock-absorbing rubber is added to the seat cushion base. For a knight of the size of the uncle, the cushion of the Rally version is indeed much better than the support of the L version.

The power is increased, but the overall weight is lighter. Except for the frame, exhaust pipes and rocker arms are the keys to weight reduction. The total weight of 153kg is quite impressive compared to the previous generation of 157kg.

A balanced model in on-road and off-road

The road comfort of the Rally version is much better than that of the L version. The taller handlebars, goggles, side fairings and wider seat cushions make the uncle feel a bit more comfortable just because of the wind pressure and the stability of the front of the car at high speed. For ADV models, the acceleration feeling after the fifth gear is relatively weak, and even the sixth gear is basically the feeling of OD gear. And the maximum speed limit of only about 130km/h is a bit surprised for the uncle who is used to riding large ADV cars. After all, the speed hundred and three seems to be a disadvantage for a 300-class car. If you want to To release the speed limit, you have to start with the computer and the gear ratio.

The Rally version, which emphasizes road use, has different fork damping settings and brake discs than the L version, which emphasizes off-road use. The sinking amount of the front fork with a stroke of up to 260mm during sudden braking also makes riders who are accustomed to riding a street bike have a kind of “X! Why is it so soft?” But after riding the L version, you will find the Rally version. The brakes and front suspension are quite sharp. As for cornering, the original IRC front Trails GP-21F and rear GP-22R dual-purpose tires can only be said to be usable, especially when setting the tire pressure, pay more attention to it. Excessive tire pressure will reduce the grip. , Especially when riding on the road.

Cross-country road conditions are a little bit at a loss, but a DNA can’t deceive people!

Although the road performance of the Rally version is slightly better than that of the L version, the off-road conditions are just the opposite. The additional weight of about 11kg makes the front of the Rally version heavier, not as good as the L version in terms of flexibility. However, if you look at the opponents of the same class, the uncle has to say that the performance of the Rally version on off-road conditions is still slamming each opponent.

Lightweight car weight and re-tuned engine output, CRF 300 Rally does not perform poorly on off-road roads, and can easily cross the bunker terrain outside the buffalo pit in the second gear. Even if you encounter tough road conditions, you can basically deal with it easily. For the uncle who is accustomed to riding ADV models, because of the riding posture, the Rally version is faster than the L version, and the control of the vehicle is also It’s pretty easy.

The torque gushing from more than 5,000 rpm to 9,000 rpm before entering the red line is the plain belt of the CRF 300 car series. The first four gears are all set with close teeth, so the acceleration is more intense. But it is also limited by the displacement. The “qi” is a little too short. It is recommended that the intake and exhaust system can be upgraded slightly in exchange for better response.

Because of the front weight, the stability is better than that of the L version when passing through the puddle at high speed. With the relationship of the goggles, the chance of being splashed into a chicken is much smaller.

The off-road fun is quite sufficient, even if the car is heavier, it can still fight through the bunkers and gravel roads. Even if you reverse, you can easily lift the vehicle up. But it is important to note that the Rally version of the goggles may be damaged when reversing, so owners who dare to play with dirt need to pay more attention.

Rally difference between CRF300 Rally and L version

CRF 300 L puts more emphasis on the fun of off-road and short-distance commuting. The difference is mainly due to the front half of the body weight and the design without goggles. The front wheels of off-road riding have better flexibility and better handling of the body. In addition, the front fork damping and preload settings of the two vehicles are different.

Vehicle and detail introduction-under the CRF 450 Rally Dakar appearance creates a distinctive look

The left and right asymmetric headlight design of the CRF 250 Rally is used, and the small goggles create a strong Dakar Rally style.

The large lampshade has a carbon fiber-like texture, which adds a sporty style to the overall texture.

There is also a bracket on the goggles bracket, which can be mounted for navigation such as GPS or mobile phone holder.

The positive display LCD screen with black characters on a white background is the opposite of the CBR 300R’s white characters on a black background. This design is due to the fact that the screen is easier to recognize in the forest road.

The meter information actually has the seconds counting method of the sand ring race. Although the chances of this function are usually diminished, this function is still incorporated in order to highlight the off-road DNA of the CRF family.

The biggest difference this time is the addition of a file display function, which can reduce misjudgments for novices.

The display mode and setting keys are located on the left side of the screen.

The ABS switch is independent of the right side of the screen. It should be noted that only the rear wheel ABS can be turned off. As long as the power is turned off and then the switch is turned on, the ABS will automatically reset.

The heightened instrument bracket just flashes past the brake hose, which makes it easier to identify the screen information than the L version.

It can be seen that the front fork adopts a 43mm inverted type and cannot be adjusted. There is a reinforcing rod in the handle, which can be equipped with anti-collision foam.

The left-hand handle assembly, from top to bottom, is the near/far light switch, horn, and direction light.

Right-hand handle assembly; electric door switch, parking warning light, engine start button.

The brake lever gap cannot be adjusted.

The front brake oil pipe is not directly connected to the caliper. Instead, the oil pipe is wound up through the adapter and then connected to the caliper.

Open plastic bow guard.

Unlike the L version, the Rally version is equipped with balanced terminals as standard to reduce high-speed vibration.

Although the familiar LED turn signal group is common to most current Honda models, the lamp holder part is made of soft material to reduce the probability of breaking after turning over.

Huge separated cross-country front soil removal.

The cooling water tank is located on the right side of the front of the car.

The auxiliary water tank is located on the left side of the front of the car. Note that the horn is also located here.

The front brake uses a 296mm floating disc, which is more upscale than the 256mm fixed disc of the L version.

Both Rally and L version are equipped with Nissin one-way dual-piston calipers.

The huge car side fairing can increase the stability during high-speed travel and also accelerate the heat of the engine. But if the car is reversed, the damage will be more than that of the L version.

The water tank and fan can be seen.

The plastic bottom guard plate is strongly recommended to be replaced with metal if there is an off-road requirement.

286c.c DOHC water-cooled engine with 26hp and 2.6kg-m power output.

The pedals of the Rally version are equipped with rubber damping pads, which greatly improves the comfort of road driving. But if you want to play with soil, it is recommended to demolish it.

An off-road style rear brake pedal.

The gear lever has a foldable design.

The fuel tank capacity is as high as 12.8L, and the design of the fuel tank cover is also different from the L version.

Uncle thinks it is closer to the texture of street cars or ADV cars.

More comfortable cushion.

It is widened at the front and rear to provide good support.

There are two bolts on both sides of the rear of the seat cushion. In addition to being the key to removing the seat cushion, it also provides a hook position for luggage.

The helmet lock on the left side of the rear of the car.

Also located on the left side of the rear of the car is a small toolbox.

The tool box can be opened with the key.

The tools and two HRC stickers are placed here.

The rear pedal is fixed in position with plastic clips.

The side pillars are also one of the key points of this change. The enlarged base plate provides a better grounding area.

Multi-link rear shock absorber, stroke 260mm, only spring preload is adjustable.

A linkage structure commonly known as “dog bones”.

The integrated rear brake master cylinder reduces the probability of damage after turning over, at least the probability of the oil cup exploding is much less.

Aluminum alloy rear swing arm.

The original rear chainring is a bit brighter, but you will change it anyway, won’t you?

The chain cover has a recommended tire pressure value and a reference for the chain gap.

The diameter of the rear brake disc is 220mm.

The rear brake calipers are unidirectional single calipers made by Nissin.

The huge exhaust tailpipes, if you want a more majestic sound, only replace the modified products.

The rear lights are traditional bulbs. It is a pity that the LEDs cannot be upgraded together with the headlights and direction lights.

Ride four views

Although Rally has a seat height of 885mm, under the soft shock absorber, the feet can be flat on the ground when sitting with the weight of the uncle, so don’t be scared by the data anymore. The actual test drive is more accurate.

CRF 300 Rally table

Uncle broken thoughts

In Taiwan’s special motorcycle market, the yellow-label off-road light market above 251c.c. can be said to be a blue ocean, and the peculiar demand for “right of way” has also become one of the powerful weapons for CRF 300 Rally to enter the Taiwan market. One. However, when it comes to road use, the uncle has to say that with the design and style of the CRF 300 Rally, the KTM 390 ADV, BMW G 310GS and Kawasaki Versys X 300 are not as good as the KTM 390 ADV, BMW G 310GS and Kawasaki Versys X 300 in terms of long-distance comfort. Rally is regarded as a reduced road version of the rally car, and these shortcomings seem to be acceptable.

In terms of playfulness, the L version is definitely higher than the Rally version, but in terms of practicality, the uncle thinks Rally is a good choice for “advance and attack, retreat and defense”. If there is only one car , Uncle will choose the Rally version, which can at least take into account the needs of commuting, fun and travel. But if you already have a large ADV car, but just want to find a car with less burden to have fun, then the L version will be a better choice.

I’m the uncle, let’s cross country together.

Original Source: Mature Man Rally Soul 2021 HONDA CRF 300 RALLY Media Trial

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