Test drive Mercedes-Benz E180 in accordance with luxury service standards, unfortunately at the wrong time

If it weren’t for the epidemic, this year would be a good year for the Mercedes-Benz E180, right, with reasonable price, and even able to get more customers from competitors like the BMW 3-Series or Audi. A6.

“Hello, do you go hoe the earth?”

“My dear, I do not love that dish, dear!”

“Come on, I have a set of clubs already, let’s go”


“Can I have a new car?”

“Delicious, quiet, dear, how much rice?”

“More than 2 billion has not been released yet, but please help see if it is missing something, see what to do?”

“By the way, after I finished playing, I took the car to keep it for you, please go with a few friends for a few meals, the gas fuel is like the old one to get the invoice for the payment accountant!”

“Oki brother !!”

Every time it’s like that, every time you go out to the yard, it’s like keeping a car for you, no matter what, you can only trust it to deliver the car anyway, but how strange why not go to the E200 and buy an E180, listen There is a difference of a few hundred but I do not want to try more so I bring it back thanks to me to see what is extra, but what is so easy. Well whatever, nice car, free gasoline can be used for a few meals, shower, coffee and calculate later.

Positioning Mercedes-Benz E-Class everyone knows

7.00pm a small corner in a busy coffee shop, a figure that is both familiar and familiar, but shelf, watching the car see people playing BMW frantically, but love it, whichever shell is so beautiful. to the E180 or the E-Class line, as if counting on your fingers, in addition to the C-Class, the GLC is quite good. But like the boss, I also made the name of the E-Class family.

“Why don’t you run Grab here and drink coffee, bro?”

So the figure from earlier was the ex-lover, the first love of a decade ago, because he liked motorcycles and left the bicycle like me. Regardless, now I am different, although it is not good, there is a Japanese suv or top 1 in sales with white things, so I thought that the service car was clearly boring. Ready to hold the boss’s car only.

“Grab what, now do not go anywhere for coffee, and you”

“I’m sad about the love story, so I went to the familiar place”


“These days, I came to life thanks, this Mer several billion brothers”, “I want to walk the night to be less sad”. That statement caused the two of them to stray as far as Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, when they were not good, emptied the smoke and dust in the city, immersed in the typical salty winds of the sea. This also helps me to feel more about the car and also has the answer to the boss “what level is delicious”.

Mercedes-Benz E180 cheap version but still luxury

Under the mild coastal sun, a bit of cold wind is about to move, sitting from a distance of E180 in front of the villa lobby suddenly realized, this one adds a stamp, replacing the lower bumper is nearly 3 billion E300 AMG, right? That block is only over ten million, too cheap for those who play Mer. There are things like the grille that looks like the E300 AMG 2017 or the previous E200 Sport, delicious, the lights are still the same design but only High-Performance LED, not Intelligent Light System or Multibeam Led, but but last night the lights were still very bright, the lights were turned off after a few times, the led bar was turned off immediately, even if it was foggy or raining, I do not know how, hope it is delicious.

Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobileMercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile

The first part of the car that passes quickly or slowly, we can feel the distinctive features of the E180 in particular and the E-Class in general as two DRL ranges which are both daytime lights and turn signals, this is also the fastest detail. The distinction between E – C and S – Class. That is the first part, and for the tail, I confess that just removing the E180 is enough without much mode. The car still has twin potty, 2-storey metallic led lights, bumper details, … almost 100% of the previous E300 AMG 2017 or E200 Sport version. And even though it’s just the base, the cars still have some great electric trunks.


It can be seen that the appearance of the E-Class looks the most balanced in the three segments C – E – S, not too short, not too long, enough for itself. This same design has brought many successes for the 3-pointed star brand. Especially the sparkling rear lights shining in the night, shaking hearts and falling down the stakes very quickly.

The difference of Mercedes-Benz is that it neutralizes many factors that women can drive, it doesn’t matter that men drive it, regardless of gender, will stand out when stepping down from an E-Class. This is also something that other car manufacturers can hardly do, if possible, it is very expensive. According to the Vietnamese mentality, “luxury but cheap” but still quality.

The Mercedes-Benz E180 is ideal for body builders

Here it is, if the base version is that good, whoever chooses the higher version. The first thing to change and upgrade as soon as you buy is the wheel. Yesterday in the dim dark night, only the metallic luster from the glowing wheels was thought to be that the multi-spoke wheel was in fact just a decorative highlight. To see, the 225/55 / ​​R17 wheel size is delicious with this size freely choosing a new set of legs from 3rd party brands such as Advanti, ACE, Enkei, … priced at tens of millions or genuine wheels AMG costs more and can still take advantage of old tires. Also according to many members of the car group they all think that the C180 and E180 rims are the biggest limitation of these two models.


Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile

In fact, it can be said that the Mer E180 is no different from the 2019 E200 Sport or the E300 AMG 2017, if you are the owner, in addition to changing the wheel after taking the number, you can change the color of the chrome-plated details to black. glossy or rough with details such as roof, rearview mirror is no different from Night Package. It seems that the transformation from a duck into a swan at a cost of a few tens of millions seems to still be cheaper than buying E200 Exclusive or E300 AMG is still delicious.

The difference comes from inside the Mercedes-Benz E180, luxurious enough but lacking many highlights

In fact, the outside beauty is only to attract pedestrians, to take photos or live virtual, the interior space is what the car owner feels the most. If it doesn’t feel too strict, the E180’s interior is only luxurious enough thanks to the world’s most beautiful award-winning design. Mainly inherited largely from the E200 Sport and incorporates materials such as leather and plastic with contrasting bright aluminum cladding. Hand-held leather steering wheel with touch controls. Still a double screen, but only making the Analog dashboard combined with the 12.3-inch entertainment screen is not really attractive, fortunately the car still has an Apple Carplay which is convenient for entertainment. The base version is also only possible, if possible please refer to whether you can change this screen to the digital screen of the E200 will be much sexier.

Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile

Fortunately, the car retains the E-Class features such as 3-position memory, IWC timer, 64-color Ambient Lighting led lights that can be changed according to the theme. But many special options are no longer like regular speakers, artificial leather seats, no sunroof, especially in the center pedestal using glossy plastic material will surely leave many fingerprints. The solution is to apply rough ppf to preserve the car’s beauty.

Mercedes-Benz E180 cuts but meets the luxury standards.

Crouching in the seat positions, quite surprised by the width of the seat is not too tight as the C-Class because it is understandable because considering the size of the segment, the E-Class has a large interior space like the Toyota Camry, The rear seats have good fall even though they are artificial leather but are treated so that the rear occupants feel airy, not too uncomfortable, as well as legroom is non-table. To be precise, the E-Class is for families, more people in the back seat, than for the driver.


Because the air conditioner has only 2 independent zones, the rear seat temperature adjustment depends quite a lot on the front seats, this is a somewhat unfortunate limitation of the family car, for the rear seat. . If standing in the hot sun for quite a long time, the E180 is forced to turn on a large capacity air conditioner to cool it quickly. But still appreciate the E180’s cooling system is not too dry to be uncomfortable. It is not clear whether the E180 can be fitted with Air Freshener, Ionsation or not, in addition to cooling it also makes the air in the car cleaner, with a lighter fragrance.

Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile Mercedes-Benz-e180-hybrid-service-service-to-the-box-to-mobile

So in addition to the wheel level, the Air Balance, Ionsation will be the next bullet point in the board proposing the car for the boss.

Running the Mercedes-Benz E180 is enough for long distance only

“You woke up so early”

“A bit of work”


“The car is quiet, isn’t it, the Mer car is different, it has been a long time since I felt this comfortable.”

Even right, considering the parameters, the E180 uses a 1.5L M264 with a capacity of 156 hp, 250 Nm, a 9-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drive is not so prominent on a nearly 2-ton car like this. With a nature like me, this child uses an E200 with a capacity of nearly 200 codes, so it can be comfortable. In fact, with the capacity of the E180 just enough to go back, but racing swimming, splitting can not.



Talking about the 9-speed G-Tronic gearbox with reasonable transmission ratio distribution helps the driver feel that this car is not too weak and still has enough power to pull the car away. After a distance of 200 km, the best vehicle acceleration is in the range of 60 to 80km / h when you want to overtake the driver, you just need to force the accelerator, the car is automatically about 2 or 3 gears to create thrust. And from the speed range of 80 or more, it is necessary to pay more attention, observe more about the overtaking distance, sometimes need to add more hand gear to have more thrust and right gear up to avoid the situation of metal revolutions. Also thanks to the 9G-Tronic gearbox, when long-distance, or high-speed at 120km / h, the rpm is only about 1.8 ~ 1,900Rpm, thus optimizing in fuel consumption.

How to drive a Mercedes-Benz E180 in the city


Mer E180 has 5 driving modes “Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport +, Individual”, maybe Eco is the mode you don’t want to use because it’s too weak, and Comfort or Sport is arbitrarily used on the road, but with yourself. Drive to go to the street so Sport +. Because if anyone has a short distance swimming race, this is a reasonable choice, now the car will emit all its power, which will help the driver have sharp acceleration phases when walking on the street, showing the true quality of the Mer. . But if you are an adult, calm or need a passenger, you should customize Individual with Sport level for the accelerator, Comfort at the steering wheel, Eco in suspension to help the car operate smoother, smoother than the right clothes. for the people behind.

Who is the Mercedes-Benz E180 for

In fact, if you prefer to serve a lot for the family, the buyer should buy the Mer E200 Exclusive priced at 2.29 billion with many experience equipment for more occupants, or if you like speed and comfort, the E300 AMG price 2.92 billion will meet very well those needs. As for the Mer E180, from the beginning, it was positioned as a service vehicle with the job of picking up vip guests at luxury hotels, resorts or transporting high-class personnel of companies and businesses. But perhaps the timing of Covid-19 at the wrong time makes the E180 not very present on the street.


Not really the Mer E180 is not for individuals, it will suit those who often travel to create self-image in meetings but sometimes still take their spouses or carry family on the journey. However, if you have purchased this Mer E180, the prerequisite thing to do is to immediately change the new wheels to suit the style of the car depending on the style, but you can choose a luxurious or sporty wheel to enhance value as well as personality. Step down from an E-Class that is considered a luxury sedan, the dream of many.


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