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[Test] Assess the risk of erectile dysfunction

I'm sure no one wants me to be in the problem of erectile dysfunction. Maybe just listening to that phrase is already worrying. Below is one of the more detailed tests that are still commonly used in male clinics or hospitals so that you can try to see if you have any problems.

All of these questions have been asked to review the patient's status in the last 1 month. There are a few phrases you should also note:

– Sexual activities including intercourse, caresses, foreplay & masturbation
– Sexual intercourse is defined as bringing one to the other's partner
– Sexual stimulation includes situations like foreplay, watching pictures or pornographic movies
– Ejaculation is the ejaculation of semen from the penis (or when the relationship feels like it has not actually been exported).
– Orgasm is satisfaction after being stimulated or intercourse

Questionnaires and grading methods below

See if you have erectile dysfunction!

The important thing is to make you need to be true to your heart, don't be delusional So if there is a problem, there is a proper way to handle it.


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