Even though the TESLA Model 3 itself is an entry-level pure electric car based on energy saving and environmental protection, its acceleration performance is enough to overwhelm the big-ticket gasoline sports car. There are not a few car owners who want to use it to make a lot of heat. The demand for strengthening combat power aimed at the track is also emerging! This Model 3, operated by Unplugged Performance, has all upgraded chassis and suspension, and the body has undergone substantial lightening and weight reduction. It can be said that Model 3 owners want to experience the upgraded model of a spike gasoline sports car on the track…

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: “Silent Version” Track Machine! Tesla Model 3 high power “Track Edition”
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

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In recent years, pure electric vehicles have become popular in the new car industry. Although they respond to the rising demand for environmental protection and energy saving, they are thanks to the linear and direct characteristics of electric motor output, and they are equipped with fixed single-speed gears that show no transmission loss. Compared with the standard version of Model 3, which is the most entry-level model of TESLA and equipped with a single motor, the speed from standstill to breaking a hundred is less than 6 seconds, while the performance of the dual-motor four-wheel drive is only 3.4 seconds, and the price is the most affordable. Therefore, in addition to having the highest visibility of pure electric cars, the acceleration ability can basically kill a lot of gasoline sports cars and attract performance fans. In one fell swoop, it has become the most popular pure electric car model at present. Of course, many car owners also want to enter the stadium to enjoy higher tension. The driving pleasure!

In response to this, Unplugged Performance, which specializes in Model 3 refitting plant, in order to seize business opportunities, apart from developing suspension, chassis and exterior upgrade kits, it used its own test car to set the fastest lap record for street tires at the Buttonwillow circuit in the United States last year. Successive PPIHC Pikes Peak Mountain Climbing and the German “Green Hell” simultaneously created eye-catching results, and its kits have naturally become the best weapon for the current Model 3 competition.

Based on the high-speed cornering limit, this Model 3, in addition to the Hi Low Kit shock absorber developed by Unplugged Performance on the upper body and manufactured by Bilstein, uses the vehicle height reduction, high-coefficient spring and adjustable damping method to make the vehicle track and front The directivity and cornering roll performance is better than the original factory, but at the same time, the special thick anti-roll bar, adjustable upper A arm and adjustable lower arm are modified to make the chassis positioning more suitable for the characteristics of the track and the needs of the driver. At the same time, replace with 18-inch forged wheels with lower rolling inertia, hot melt tires with 305mm tread width, and Carbon by Carbon carbon fiber brake discs that are only available in high-end gasoline sports cars and have better high-speed/high-temperature braking performance!

As far as the vehicle chassis is concerned, even if such a configuration is considered high-end, Unplugged Performance, in order to further improve the power of the race track, in response to the high weight of the Model 3’s inherent drawbacks, the entire car interior was also removed and added at the same time. The rigidity of the car body is greatly increased, and the anti-roll cage, racing seat and multi-point quick release seat belts that ensure personal safety are greatly increased. More importantly, the appearance of the hood, fenders, and doors are also changed to ultra-lightweight CFRP carbon fiber materials. The current highest rise of the sub-Model 3’s competitive strength is now fully formed!