Tesla is "hot" in Russia, the Minister officially invites Elon Musk

Tesla is “hot” in Russia, the Minister officially invites Elon Musk

In an interview with AiF Daily newspaper, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov confirmed that Russia is ready for the US electric vehicle company Tesla to build a factory here as long as the plant is operational. benefit Russia.

Tesla is 'hot' in Russia, Bo is trying to conquer Elon Musk
Denis Manturov ., Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

Sputnik quoted Mr. Manturov as saying: “The main goal of the country is to create added value in the country and localize technology… If Mr. Elon Musk wants to cooperate with us on technology exchange and value creation, then Mr. why not? We are ready to cooperate.”

Earlier, the ministry posted a tweet saying it was happy to receive news that Elon Musk will open an electric vehicle factory in Russia, emphasizing that the company is likely to be eligible for a support program of the company. government.

“We are pleased to hear that you are considering building a factory in Russia. We have several measures of state support for original equipment manufacturers,” the ministry said in a tweet on Thursday. On Friday, he also invited the American billionaire to come to Russia and talk about that plan.

Earlier, on May 21, Tesla CEO, Billionaire Elon Musk said that the company wants to establish a presence in Russia – a market for electric vehicles that is small but full of potential and is growing rapidly. .

“I think we’re about to establish a Tesla presence in Russia and that’s going to be great. More broadly in Kazakhstan and surrounding regions. It’s important that we support Tesla supporters. like yourself,” Elon Musk said via video link for an event for Russian students.

In February, billionaire Musk invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to chat on the social networking application Clubhouse. A Kremlin spokesman said Putin did not use that social network, but insisted that the invitation was interesting.

In addition to Russia, Tesla also expressed hope to open stores in Kazakhstan and surrounding areas.

The Tesla CEO has always expressed admiration for the achievements of the Soviet Union and Russia in space exploration and has always called for dialogue between the US and Russia at a time when relations between the two countries are at their worst since the Cold War.

“There is a lot of talent and resources in Russia. There needs to be more dialogue and communication between the two countries,” he said at the “New News” educational forum on May 21.

Although Tesla is not officially present in Russia, Tesla’s electric vehicles are very present in Russia. Many Russians love American electric cars that can only be purchased through third parties or purchased from factories outside the US.

Remember in 2017, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought about 20 Musk cars for himself and friends.

The Russian electric car market is small, but has grown rapidly in recent years. According to data provider Autostat, at the beginning of this year there were about 11,000 electric vehicles registered here, but only 700 Teslas. Meanwhile, the most popular electric car model in Russia is the Nissan Leaf, with about 9,000 vehicles.

Setting up the factory in Russia could also help Elon Musk become a name known for mending political relationships.

Surprise offer from China

In 2019, while the US and China were launching an economic trade war that pushed a series of American businesses to leave the Chinese mainland, Elon Musk continued to complete an electric vehicle factory in Shanghai.

In 2018, when it announced plans to build a factory in Shanghai. They enjoy perks including tax breaks, cheap loans, full ownership of operations in the country, and support to build a massive factory at incredible speed.

That helps Tesla make China the most important market outside the US.

Tesla is 'hot' in Russia, Bo is trying to conquer Elon Musk
Tesla Shanghai factory in 2019. Photo: Reuters.

Kenneth Jarrett, former US consul general in Shanghai and now a senior adviser to Albright Stonebridge, said that China, when it started its trade war with the US and witnessed a flood of companies wanting to leave the mainland, sought leads. proof that American companies still want to come here.

“Tesla realized that and knew they could haggle more and win,” he said.

Elon Musk met Premier Li Keqiang and said “I love China”. In response, Mr. Cuong said Musk could be granted a permanent residence card.

In March 2019, a number of state-owned banks granted Tesla a loan of $ 521 million to build a factory with a preferential interest rate, with conditions so open that there is no legal requirement for Tesla other than collateral. , if the project fails.

The factory was built with incredible speed, thanks to the Shanghai government pushing it in every way possible. Tesla was up and running before securing all permits, and local officials were on the scene to handle the paperwork.

In February 2020, when China stopped production activities to prevent Covid-19, traffic was interrupted, many workers were stranded, many could not reach the factory, on the outskirts of Shanghai, the factory Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is bustling again. Thousands of workers returned to the assembly line. Many of them ride government-provided buses from dormitories isolated from the outside community.

Workers are provided with many N95 masks. Unlike many businesses, Tesla is allocated ample consignments of protection by the government. The plant is cleaned with a disinfectant, which requires a regulatory agency license to purchase.

The first week after the resumption of production, Toyota, Volkswagen and other foreign automakers have not been able to fully reopen. While Tesla Shanghai has produced about 1,000 cars. By March, this had reached 3,000 vehicles per week, higher than before the closure.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association, by the end of January 2021, Tesla sold 15,484 units made in China.

So far, though, Tesla has encountered its first legal problems. Five Chinese regulators have subpoenaed Tesla over quality and safety issues as it ramps up Model Y production at its Shanghai factory. The authorities accordingly received complaints about abnormal acceleration and battery fires.

Tesla is currently facing a media scandal after users messed up at the company’s latest car show. Tesla later asserted that he was not wrong in the incident.

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