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Tesla Arcade – using the Model 3 steering wheel and touch screen as the game controller

Tesla is bringing its video game features out and bringing them to the central screen starting today as Tesla Arcade. This is a new game center used on Tesla's electric car line. The first car to be tested in San Francisco was the Tesla Model 3 and played its latest game – Beach Buggy Racing 2 by the Vector Unit developer. This game is a racing game on Android that can be played on a phone or tablet, especially here it uses the Model 3 steering wheel to control the game.

Tesla is always proud of the treatment of its electric vehicles like computers and they often promote the ability to send game updates to their EVs. They added everything like improving their ability to drive even their resurrected eggs. Now Tesla is taking a step forward to turn its EV into a complete gaming machine.

With this new update, the car will have Beach Buggy Racing 2 game with some existing Atari classics. Tesla also promises to support the Studio MDHR's Caphead animation platform in the near future and the gamepad operation that Tesla has deployed. This update also makes the game easier to find, previously pressing the Tesla logo from the middle of the infotainment screen and pulling down will see the Easter eggs. Now Tesla Arcade is accessed by pressing a nose icon up at the bottom of the main icons of the screen and opening a game menu bar.

The Vector Unit worked with Tesla's engineers to allow the vehicle's steering and braking systems to be used for gaming. However, without using the gas, Tesla advised against accelerating the accelerator while playing the game. In case we forget, the software will disable the accelerator's accelerator until it exits the Arcade and will send us a warning note. If playing alone, the user can use the steering wheel or touch or use both at the same time. Manually control and use touch controls to use items to accelerate and attack others. There is also a 2-player mode, the screen will be split in half, one person uses the steering wheel and the other uses the touch.

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According to information shared, the steering wheel reacts very quickly, Tesla's software unlocks the steering wheel to not be as hard as usual to freely play racing games. Players can also adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel to increase the sense of strength when the vehicle in the game moves. Maybe when using the steering wheel will be more interesting using touch to play racing game on Tesla tram. The highlight is in the game is not an animated car but a model car with the actual color of EV Tesla in real life.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled this integration at last week's E3 video game fair in Bethesda's conversation with Beth Howard. This is the person who helped the game company work with Tesla to transfer Fallout Shelter to Tesla tram. The update is said to be on board this week and next week, but people can also try it at Tesla's showroom until June 30. Thanks to Tesla Arcade, the driver can relax all the time while waiting for relatives or at the Supercharge station. Playing games with such a realistic feeling is interesting and Tesla 3's screen is also said to be as beautiful as the iPad Pro.

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