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"Terrific" smartphone with 108MP camera, 10x optical zoom will be available next year

Famous Leaker @IceUniverse, who often shares very reliable information from insiders recently posted an interesting information. He said that next year, we will see integrated cameras with a resolution of up to 108MP, supporting 10x optical zoom.

The image with the post on the Twitter page looks like the Galaxy Note 10, but many of the current reports show that Galaxy Note 10 does not include such a camera.

Credit Suisse market analysis page published a report in March predicting that we will see 65MP camera sensors from quarter 2/2019 and 108MP sensor by 2020. Currently 64MP sensors are available on the market. school, but manufacturers are "lining up" to use it. Qualcomm has also made similar predictions about 64MP and 100MP cameras on smartphones.

Which company will offer such a "terrible" sensor? The current 64MP sensor is manufactured by Samsung, so 108MP sensors are also developed by Samsung itself. In addition, Samsung is also developing a set of cameras that support 5x optical zoom.

No company has officially announced that it is working on a 108MP camera, so we can only see this information as a guess.

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