Czech Embassy in Moscow.  Photo: Reuters

Tensions with Russia, the Czech Republic reclaimed diplomatic land

TPO – On April 19, the Czech city government of Prague asked the Russian Embassy to return 0.5 hectares of the total area of ​​this diplomatic mission.

The lot is part of the Stromovka park built in 1968.

The head of the Prague-7 district, Jan Chyzhinsky, announced on Twitter that the proposal had been sent to the Czech government.

“The Prague City Council proposed that the Czech government negotiate to bring the Russian embassy land back to the state before the August 1968 Warsaw Pact army attack (on Czechoslovakia). “, Mr. Chizhinsky wrote.

According to Czech television, the city government planned to build flower beds and plant trees on the requested land, to restore the status quo before August 1968, when the barracks of one of the Soviet army units. is set up on this land.

In response to the above information, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement affirming that parts of the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic were allocated by the Soviet Union in the early 1970s on the basis of the existing agreements between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. .

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that the Czech Republic owns a lot of real estate in the Tverskaya area of ​​Moscow, Russia.

Russia-Czech relations became strained after the Czech expelled 18 staff of the Russian Embassy on allegations that Russian intelligence was involved in the explosion of a ammunition warehouse in the eastern part of the Czech Republic in 2014.

Russia responded strongly by expelling 20 Czech diplomats.

Deported by Russia 20 employees, the Embassy of the Czech Republic still has only five

Russian Embassy in Prague (Czech Republic).  Photo: Reuters
In retaliation to Prague, Russia announced the expulsion of 20 Czech diplomats

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