Tenchi Souzou Design-bu – 09

In it’s own (very) under the radar way, Tenchi Souzou Design-bu has been as consistent as any show on the schedule this season.  In short, it hasn’t disappointed me once yet, and I never feel worried that it will going into a new episode.

    • A great start this week was God saying “Yoroshiku!” when He passed off the order to Shimoda-kun.  Kudos to Tatsuta Naoki, who’s having a divine time with this role.
    • New info galore this week.  Male crabs holding the females prisoner in their legs?  I’ve managed to get through my life never having any clue that happened.
    • IBID bears delaying their pregnancy, and pandas giving birth in pairs with the intent of abandoning the smaller cub.  There’s apparently a concerted attempt to keep the latter from being publicized so as not to hurt the panda’s public image (not a joke).
    • Sparrows sharing food with their flock – I feel like maybe I did know that, and the reason for it, but I wouldn’t even swear to that.  I did know sparrow dads were active parents though.
    • Getting Meido to design a moe creature was an idea fraught with terror – and comic potential – right from the beginning.  Meido is one scary angel.
    • Rhizocephala – uwah, that’s an ugly story.  Yet another bit of science I didn’t know.  I love this series but it does have a way of reminding you you’re not as informed as you thought you were…
  • Perhaps the one thing I feel most stupid about is the penguin color thing.  Black on top, white on the bottom – it’s so simple, how did I never piece that together?
  • As reflected in the owl video I linked a couple episodes back, you gotta watch out for birds – they like to hide long legs under their skirts.  You can’t even trust penguins.
  • Focusing on pandas and penguins, the black-and-white bookends of adored animals, feels almost like cheating.  Just to rub salt in the snot, I didn’t know penguins talked to their children in the egg so they’d recognize their parents voices either.  Or maybe I did and forgot, now that I think on it.  I think I’ll stick with that story.



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