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DEMO, the full name is demonstration, meaning “demonstration, demonstration”, and the game DEMO is simply a demonstration version of the game, its purpose is to make a game playable under the control of development time and workload Prototype, to verify whether the gameplay or expected experience is sufficiently attractive.

If you try to make a game DEMO yourself, there are two benefits:

For myself, I can learn more knowledge of game development in practice, and understand the composition of the game, such as roles, actions, level design, etc.;

For projects, you can also output visual prototypes within a week or two to demonstrate your ideas and concepts to the leader or team.

For beginners who want to develop games, making 3D game DEMOs alone will be a huge and difficult project, and 2D pixel games favored by independent developers should be relatively practical, such as horizontal clearance games.

We invited Dino from Tianmei to share his experience in making a horizontal version of the action game Demo. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

*This article is only for the purpose of personal learning and experience sharing, taking some network materials as an example, to demonstrate the production method of the game DEMO for everyone.
*In real life, regardless of whether you publish a self-made game for commercial profit or not, you cannot use the copyrighted material of others.

From the perspective of walking logic, horizontal version of action games are generally divided into single-line horizontal version and deep horizontal version. In terms of gameplay, it can also be subdivided into fighting, shooting, action, etc.

Nowadays, horizontal shooting and fighting games are slightly in decline, while horizontal action is still very popular, which will be the focus of our next discussion.

A worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well. For the horizontal version of the game, what kind of ready-made game development software can be selected on the market?

2DFM: The full name is “2D Fighting Game Maker 2nd”. It is a 2D fighting game production tool produced by Japan OUTBACK and published by EB.

With this software, players can independently create their own PC fighting game-“Super COSPLAY War Final02 Edition” produced by the Taiwan FK team. The “Legend of Immortality” that I produced are all developed with 2DFM.

“Legend of Immortality”

AGM: The full name is ActionGameMaker, which is also issued by Japanese EB.

With ACT, ARPG, STG and other components, you can use these components to make corresponding PC, XBOX360, PS3 games, and the components can be mixed, for example, you can make games with ARPG on the map and STG in the maze. It can be said to be very powerful.

OPENBOR: Horizontal version of game development software. The original name of BOR software is “Beats of Rage”, and the name is a tribute to SEGA’s MD game “Streets of Rage”.

The developer changed its name to OPENBOR after the open source release. It can output platform versions such as PC, Android, PSP, XBOX, etc. The picture below is a horizontal version of the DEMO I have made.

The applicable areas of the three are as follows, and OPENBOR is relatively more suitable for horizontal action games:

Next, let us try to use OPEN BOR to make a horizontal version of the action game DEMO ——

First of all, we must first understand the composition of an action game.

Generally speaking, what are the elements of a horizontal action game?

The first level of “Dinosaur Century” can be disassembled as follows:

The so-called level is actually the process of a group of characters fighting in a room:

The core experience of the level is actually the same, this is the process of another group of characters fighting in another room.

To put it bluntly, this is the basic framework of an action game: rooms, people, and fights.

Then we can decompose the materials needed for a horizontal action game DEMO for this room:

1. Character material
2. Scene material
3. UI material
4. Audio material

OPENBOR has no operation interface, pure folder operation. And the resources are all familiar GIF, WAV and other resources. The latest version of OPENBOR can be downloaded from the Internet, and the capacity is only a few megabytes.

The role materials are divided into: protagonist, miscellaneous soldiers, and special effects.

For the purpose of demonstration, I have used some web materials, and I hope you can draw by yourself if you have time and conditions.

Random mix and match of network resources will cause imbalance in proportion. Therefore, the size must be planned.

After the character resources are organized, they are placed in the secondary folder in Chars. Take my demo as an example: datacharsmukui folder.

Scene material: the same. Either draw it yourself or use internet resources first.

The perspective relationship of scene resources is also very important. After comparison, it is found that the most commonly used angle is generally 30 degrees or 45 degrees. 60 degrees is relatively rare.

After the scene resources are organized, they are placed in the secondary folder in Bgs. Take my demo as an example: databgscity folder.

UI materials: generally divided into battle UI and main menu UI. OPENBOR comes with a set of combat UI resources, so this step can be slowed down. When the DEMO is polished very beautifully, it is not too late to replace it with your own UI.

Audio material: generally includes background music and sound effects. After organizing, put it in the datamusic folder.

Audio can temporarily use part of the network resources, or use OPENBOR’s own resources. The background music OPENBOR uses the BOR or OGG format.

Sound effect: OPENBOR uses WAV format. You can use GoldWave software to cut.

Sound effect: After the audio is organized, put it in the datasounds folder.

Usually a horizontal version of the action game contains modules:

1. Character Editor
2.AI editor
3. Scene editor
4. Level editor

Some software will place these modules on the same panel. For example, 2D fighting software 2DFM is the same page. But from the perspective of program development, these modules are all independent modules. The development cycle of each module may be from one week to several months.

The editing of OPENBOR adopts pure TXT text operation. Users can easily find the location of each module. The resources are ready, we start to edit the level. The role editor of OPENBOR looks like this.

Open the character TXT text under datacharsmukui, you can see many configurable parameters——

Developers only need to configure these parameters according to OPENBOR’s standard ID characters. Due to the variety of functions, interested students can read the OPENBOR development instructions by themselves. For example, this is a configuration of the protagonist’s ordinary straight punch——

To put it simply, the protagonist played the 446-450 set of sequence frames at different speeds. And the attack frame was triggered on the 448th map.

Have you discovered that this set of editing methods is essentially the editing logic of GIF animation, except that the attack judgment is added to the appropriate number of frames.

Character Editing Tips 1: The origin of the sense of percussion

A complete set of strikes includes the following basic factors:

1. Sound effects
2. Light effect
3. The number of jitter frames on both sides at the moment of hitting a person

After research, it is found that different action games have different frame times. It seems that the frame duration of action games is on the low side, which is shorter than that of fighting games. Analyze the reason, because action games frequently attack, if the frame time is too long, it is easy to be visually fatigued.

Normal frame presentation

Abnormal frame presentation

Generally speaking, the longer the frame, the stronger the punch and the full blow. But when a game, all the attack frames are very long, it will be very boring. It’s like the whole movie in The Matrix is ​​bullet time, or all the dishes in a banquet are suckling pig. Users will be very bored…

Therefore, it is recommended that for most attacks, the frame should be maintained at a certain number between 6-12. For some super kills or must kills, you can set the value to be larger. The application of this frame can not only be used in 2D projects, in fact, 3D projects are also common…

Character editing tips 2: drawing of the decision box.

The decision frame is divided into a hit frame, an attack frame, and a collision frame. The figure below is an example of the hit frame. Guess which drawing method is correct and which is wrong?

The left side of the picture below is the correct drawing, and does not shake with the protagonist’s breathing. On the right is the wrong drawing. Too much emphasis on following the body will seriously affect Gaowan’s attack judgment.

The frame of the King of Fighting will not differ greatly in body shape. It even simplifies a frame when squatting and jumping.

Street Fighter 4’s decision box also uses a similar approach, and everything is kept simple. Aiming at the stability of the shock sense.

The drawing of the decision box certainly does not need to change with the shaking of the character’s arm, and it is not necessary to draw each one. If a certain movement does not swing too much, then the hit frame should be drawn as much as possible. (The logic of OPENBOR is that a certain instruction will take all of the following script lines, unless the next same instruction is encountered.)

Character editing tips 3: the deployment of animation frames.

The action of the character is composed of pictures, and the dwell time of each picture will determine the speed of the animation, whether it is smooth or not.

Usually an action consists of three stages: “send move, attack, and close move”. Some players are accustomed to calling it “forward, attack, and backward”.

Making a unified attack map can save editing work. You must know that SNK has been doing fighting games for more than ten years, and it is the top representative in terms of feel. Therefore, it is necessary to humbly learn SNK’s animation frame data.

The picture below is the frame number table of the King of Fighters 98, which can be referenced appropriately.

Then, for the first punch of our character, please refer to Jin Jiapan for the parameters, so let’s set it up first.

This is not to ask everyone to make this character according to Jin Jiafan’s touch, but to learn the editing role as soon as possible through a low learning cost. In fact, when the game is finished, you can fine-tune various parameters. If you want to make an original attempt by yourself, how should you fill in the value? 8, 9, 10? 10, 20, 30? For a planner without action game editing experience, adjust the parameters based on feelings. It may be counterproductive, and the more you adjust the effect, the worse.

In terms of special effects and sound effects, OPENBOR plays flash.txt and flash.wav by default, and the image resource location is datacharsmisc.

When it is necessary to abandon special special effects and sound effects in a particular move. Then configure the new special effects in the corresponding attack.

In terms of levels, open the level TXT text under datalevels, and you can see many configurable parameters.

Basically, it lists the background music needed for the level, the scene resources needed for the front and back scenes, the special effects of rain, and the coordinates of the phone booth objects and enemy soldiers.

The logic of level clearance is very simple. There is a wait character, which means that all enemy soldiers before the current character must be killed before the locked area can be unlocked.

In terms of time, the author no longer lists all the functions of the script. However, the good thing about OPENBOR, the open source software, is that all functions are written in a script-like manner, and DEMO examples can be easily found online to learn from.

Let’s review the DEMO of an action game and what it is composed of.

Accumulate little and make more, small levels can form big levels, and big levels can form big chapters.

The level is like a screw, and its ultimate service object is the core system of the game.

In the process of making the DEMO, you will learn which functions are necessary and which are dispensable.

When this knowledge is applied to our work, it will greatly save the cost of communication between planning, art, and procedures.

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