Tencent, Netease, and Mihayou are vying to enter the game, and the WeChat red envelope cover has become a spring festival stall?

The new year is approaching, and the game industry has ignited smoke on a new battlefield.

In the last 2 weeks, including Tencent, NetEase, Mihayou, Perfect World, Chinese Mobile Games, IGG, Station B, Dianjin, Xishanju, Le Element, Paper Stacking, Mini Play, Heartbeat… and even Ubisoft and other games Manufacturers, more than 50 products are all concerned about the same thing-WeChat red envelope cover. Most of these products are head IPs, such as “Tianya Mingyuedao”, “Onmyoji”, “Fifth Personality”, “Crossing the Line of Fire” and so on.

Take “Onmyoji” as an example, after starting the cover event

Its WeChat index showed explosive growth in just a few days

How popular is the red envelope cover related to the game? Mr. Grape has learned from the relevant persons in charge of several games that when the number of cover releases is four digits, they will basically be robbed within a few seconds; five digits will be robbed within 1 minute; and six digits , No more than 5-8 minutes at most.

When Grape King talked about mobile games with a classmate who was keen to grab the cover

She backhanded me the “schedule” for that day

The red envelope cover bundled with the social scene naturally has marketing attributes, which makes the entry of game companies seem logical. But behind a small picture, are game companies really that simple?

The first layer: publicity, placement, and drainage

In fact, there have been many game cases on the red envelope cover. For example, on December 25 last year, “CODM” used the red envelope cover to push the WeChat index of “Call of Duty” to nearly 100 million. On the eve of the Spring Festival, WeChat made relevant changes and the festive atmosphere boosted the red envelope cover to be on the cusp. How do game companies play in this wave of craze?

Highlighting the “limited time limit” is the most basic routine for the red envelope cover. It is understood that the first wave of “Shendu Night Walk” released 30,000 covers to test the water, and the result was almost in seconds-“Players think we have only prepared dozens of them”, while the WeChat index has risen Hundreds of times.

Coincidentally, the 6000 copies that IGG first distributed were also instantly robbed. At the beginning, Le Element distributed 500, 888, and 20,000 copies, and found that they could not suppress the enthusiasm of the players, and then successively recharged 30,000 copies, all of which were robbed.

The exposure of these covers can be far more than their own number. On the one hand, the number of users guarding the cover may be an order of magnitude larger; on the other hand, the spread effect after receiving the cover will also be seen by more people. Game brand. For example, a cover is received by 100,000 people, and the per capita number of users is 30. The exposure of this batch of covers will be at least 3 million.

Not to mention that there is still a large group of people who spontaneously drain

Thinking about it this way, the red envelope cover seems to be about the same as the purchase amount. However, for the immature IP, is the red envelope cover really so fragrant? In fact, more than one project team told Grape: From the perspective of game launch, the red envelope cover is not a good option.

Although this year’s cover price has been reduced from 10 yuan to 1 yuan each, for the brand, the cost of 1 yuan should also show the expected value: no amount of covers will be robbed, but these people can help the game How many conversions did it bring? Especially for external products, the lack of means such as strong restrictions and direct jumps will make them suffer a lot.

The main marketing of “Shendu Yexinglu” told me that if the red envelope does not reach the core players, it will be difficult for the general users to spread it. Assuming that 1 million people receive the cover, and 900,000 of them don’t use it, then the 900,000 budget is equivalent to wasted.

Since the launch effect is not so obvious, why do game companies scramble to join the game? In the eyes of Mr. Grape, after the opening of resources, the thinking of game companies is also changing.

The second layer: precipitation, packaging, brand

In the last year, the high cost of the red envelope cover was enough to block most games. A small part of the products that choose to make the cover only use it as the exclusive benefit of Big R, allowing them to show their identity and gain a sense of accomplishment in the community.

And this year, each company has tried a lot of marketing methods, and the limited time limit is just the most basic gameplay. In addition to grabbing from search pages, official links, and redeeming with serial codes, official account redemption is the most common method. Such methods were adopted in “Late Han Hegemony” and “A Chinese Journey to the West”.

“Tianya Mingyue Knife” integrates a variety of methods, putting the three covers of Mingyuexin, Gongziyu, and A Nuan into batches through lottery, page activities, community benefits, and wishing. It is said that last year they issued only 10,000 covers for each batch, but this year Mingyuexin, who only searched the channel, prepared 700,000. Therefore, many core players in the community even “communication” through red envelopes.

A further approach is to share, refresh, and so on. This method often requires inviting friends to obtain the cover through real social relationships. “QQ Hyun Dance Mobile Game” is a typical one. The rule is to share the cover with friends, and the other party can receive a copy through registration or return.

These restrictions are not difficult to understand: after the price drops, the label that only belongs to the big R can be expanded to the entire core player group. If used properly, it will have a lot of effect on the pull of new players, return, and core player precipitation. More simply, you can also set the claim scene to a private domain such as a community, in one step.

Furthermore, this kind of interaction can go deep into the game. For example, “King of Glory” was set in the new version of Quest. Only by winning three peak matches and opening the three-level physical treasure box can you get the cover. “Peace Elite” also has a similar attempt.

In addition, WeChat red envelopes have introduced many new features this year. For example, for a red envelope with a cover, you can see the “cover story” after scrolling down. Here you can set up to 10 pages and add a 1-minute video. This function is quite convenient for game products. After all, the promotion of CG and KV are very suitable for setting here, as a cut to understand the brand for general users.

With such propaganda space, red envelopes are more than just red envelopes. From the outside, it can be the identity of the player, and from the inside, it becomes the business card of the game brand. Compared with these functions, the amount of red envelopes is probably only a trivial matter.

This is the reason why many head games want to increase the number of releases to the million level: they not only target core users, but also use sufficient budget to target general users. When the cover becomes a brand advertisement, we obviously can no longer look at it with the eyes of traditional advertising methods.

The third layer: link, position, ecology

It is worth noting that the cover story can also jump to other scenes, such as official accounts, video accounts, and mini programs. It is understood that the red envelope cover purchase will open different rights according to the quantity. For example, if you purchase a brand with a million or more, you can get the rights of search for the cover + cover story video + accelerated review.

These functions that ordinary people don’t pay much attention to are a very important part of many head products. For example, “Tianya Mingyue Knife” told me that they hope to use the video and promotional pictures on the WeChat story page to cooperate with the new version of the activity.

For another example, what is the value of the red envelope cover for “Fifth Personality”? Mr. Grape believes that the greatest value lies in the implementation of resources in the WeChat zone. What do you mean? In fact, it is to get through the connection between the game brand and the official account on WeChat.

It’s like “The Fifth Personality” has done many community platforms. The accounts on Douyin and Kuaishou have reached the level of millions of fans. Their WeChat video account will be maintained in 2020, which will probably be another important shortcoming in the future. Video position.

But the problem is that before, whether it was official accounts, mini programs, group chats, or Moments, they were all relatively fragmented and closed scenes. On WeChat, it is difficult for me as a non-player to receive information about these games. An important action of WeChat this year is to connect scenes such as video number and search by various means.

For example: I want to receive the cover of the red envelope → use a search to find the brand → receive the cover and send a red envelope to my friend to show off → the friend enters the official account through the red envelope. In this way, the red envelope cover plays the role of connecting the scene and can direct all available scattered traffic to the fan position.

Not long ago, Zhang Xiaolong said that he hopes that the video account will become the “official website” of the organization. This idea is actually reflected in the various changes in WeChat as a whole: Many games have their own pages in Search, including the latest game developments. Directly lead to the official account, video account; click on the topic in the conversation, you can also jump directly to the official page, which is much more lubricated than before.

Even open the download of external games

In general, this shows a truth: the gameplay on WeChat cannot be viewed in isolation from the WeChat ecology, otherwise there will be no such high value. The cover of the red envelope is only valid for three months, and it is only popular during the special period of the Spring Festival, so it is difficult to exist as a conventional means of publicity, but it can also occupy a place in the WeChat game.

Therefore, what is really important is not a small red envelope cover, but the entire WeChat ecosystem that may become one of the main positions of the head game in the future.


Recently, someone talked to Mr. Grape and said that he always felt that everything in the game circle could be “rolled up”, from left-behind benefits to annual meeting prizes to small red envelope covers, all rushing to invest resources. The real situation is certainly not that exaggerated, but the current competitive situation in the game industry has indeed become an interesting phenomenon.

From the player’s point of view, the demand lies there. When they see other games have been made, will they tease the products they did not make? From a product perspective, I also need to find a place in the WeChat market. If I don’t take advantage of the Spring Festival period, will I miss this opportunity? In fact, WeChat is also looking at more directions, not only games, but also pan-entertainment areas such as film and television dramas. Throughout the year, it seems that there are new battlefields everywhere.

Where will this competition go in the future? It’s hard to tell. Because the WeChat gameplay still has a lot of room for development, even if it is only compared to the cover, there are many hidden contests in it. For example, the cover material cannot be directly thrown on an original painting, but it needs to be simple and beautiful on the basis of compliance, and at the same time have a New Year atmosphere; another example is that the investment cannot be more or less, according to the product size and goals To estimate; the speed, frequency, and method of distribution also need to be exquisite. If you are not careful, one by one cover will be robbed of thousands by the “wool” studio… It can be said that there are layers in layers. Alarming.

Source: Game Grapes
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