Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.  ..  ..  | VOGUE Blog

Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. .. .. | VOGUE Blog

March 11, 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

How did you all spend your time?

About 3 years after the earthquake

At the NPO Social Concierge, which was presided over,

With the help of many people

With the people who live in temporary housing

Knitting project Shokay for Tohoku

Community garden project, etc.

I was working to support Tohoku.

Among them, the temporary housing in Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture, which is one of the support destinations,

It is a memorable land that I have visited many times.

At that time, Mr. S, a woman who was in charge of the local project leader.

March 11th is Mr. S’s birthday

I was waiting, so

I want to know the latest situation if the local people are not changing,

Making a birthday celebration call

It has been the custom of the day for the last few years.

This year was a milestone of 10 years, so

I want to visit Yamada Town for the first time in 7 years

As the corona converges

I was praying to the last minute,

After all, considering that it is an area with many elderly people,

I have given up on this year’s revisit.

However, I called Mr. S again this year and

I was able to hear a cheerful voice.

From temporary housing

Most of the residents moved to new apartments and moved to new apartments.

The community garden we made together

It became an evacuation road from the sea to the hill,

I heard a few years ago. .. ..

“What is it like now?”

When I asked,

“A breakwater of about 5m has been built, which is different from before.

This area

It has become the fourth depopulated town in Tohoku.

If it costs about the same to build a breakwater

Without making a breakwater

I wanted you to make a gusset in a safe place where the soil was raised. “

He said in a slightly lonely voice.

While receiving the sea breeze

I watched it during the work of the community garden

The glittering sea.

I miss the time when I was healed by the beautiful sight

Listen to the story of the breakwater this time,

I feel sad that I can’t say anything.

The huge breakwater

The feelings of the people who really live there

Was it a reflection?

While doubts remain in me,

An article caught my eye.

○ Former Sanriku Shinpo reporter, current Kesennuma city council member Satoru Imagawa

“Reconstruction of Kesennuma, which has chosen to live with the sea 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake:

Town development in preparation for a huge tsunami ”

(Part 1)


(Part 2)


Please read it.

What is “happiness”?

What is the true meaning of “living with nature”?

The question asked by the people of Tohoku is

For us in the corona

I feel like I’m being hit in the same way.

Do Good for mindful sustainable creative living

and Be Happy!



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