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Telegraph: Chinese hackers intervene to break 5G test results from Nokia and Ericsson

After all, the main reason why the US is trying to corner Huawei into the wall is just because of the accusations that Huawei is closely related to the Chinese government. This relationship turned Huawei into a threat to national security and the fear of Huawei using its device to gather intelligence for China. Many times China's giant corporation denies allegations, but words and jobs seem to be different.

The reason is, recently the Telegraph has an article that reports that Chinese hackers have "poked" into the 5G device to lower the reputation of Western corporations competing directly with Huawei, including Nokia and Ericsson. According to sources inside the UK government and the telecommunications industry, "Beijing side found security flaws in 5G infrastructure equipment" For testers to break the test results of 5G bandwidth from Nokia and Ericsson, thereby making Huawei more competitive advantage. This test used "Techniques to intervene in devices to find weaknesses, then these weaknesses are sent by China to those involved in the device test to make sure Nokia and Ericsson are not secure enough."

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Security issues in Huawei's telecommunications equipment exist in two different aspects. First, hardware and software have scary holes because the testing and error checking process is done carelessly. Earlier, the counterpart agency had a document that said Huawei's device lacked serious security. The problem is that Huawei recognizes itself to spend billions of dollars to invest in improving the security situation of the equipment they manufacture. That is also the problem that their competitors will encounter, because there is no absolute security device.

The second aspect is the underground world of international spies. Huawei has long been accused of using equipment to gather intelligence for China. When Huawei's 5G system is installed, everything that is transmitted and received through this telecommunications network can be completely collected by Huawei's device, and heavenly (and Huawei itself) knows what they will do. with that huge amount of data.

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Expected this month, the 5G test phase will be completed, and the Chinese side expects that this period could be exploited to increase credibility for sustainability when European countries use base equipment. Huawei's infrastructure. Although the US banned operators from using Huawei's devices, many European countries and US allies had 90 days to decide, including Germany. The US said that Huawei would not be able to pass the 5G test in Europe, so Chinese sources for hackers to sabotage Nokia and Ericsson became reasonable. If their product is bad, then the fastest way is to make the opponent worse. Be careful.

Huawei itself is an economical option when its equipment is sold at a great price. The allegations of the US said that Huawei is cheap thanks to the state's back to carry out shady things. But what to say, with huge amounts of money pouring into technology development, Huawei still has a huge competitive advantage in the 5G telecommunications technology market at the present time. Huawei is out of the game, many countries will be slow to deploy 5G, and make the market less competitive, making negotiating prices for 5G devices difficult for many countries.

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The US ban makes Huawei more difficult than ever, and they will need lots of luck and as much help as possible. But not every method will work. If the allegation published in this Telegraph is true, it will cause Huawei to have a reverse effect, which is to keep the West away.


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