Tekken 7 prepares for arrival of Polish female fighter

We don’t talk often enough about Bandai-Namco’s fighting game license that is Tekken in our columns, yet it deserves that we linger a little more. In the shadow of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, the series is doing very well and was offered in June 2017 a Tekken 7 successful and which has continued to evolve for the better since.

With lots of DLC and updates, the game has taken on another dimension in versus fighting and is one of the best options to date when you want to give it to friends or even alone. This lack of notoriety is perhaps also due to the fact that no game of the license has been released for a while and it is clear that with the new generation now available, we would like to see what a new one would give. Tekken.

But hey, put an end to the gossip and let’s move on to what interests us today. Bandai-Namco has indeed just teaser via a short trailer the upcoming arrival of a new Polish fighter. Newcomer and never seen before in a game in the series, very little is known about her. Just that she is the Prime Minister of her country and that she intends to win for her people.

Also, it is true that his ashy hair and scar in his left eye have rather made the buzz in recent hours, because many think they understand that it would be neither more nor less than Ciri from The Witcher saga. This is not impossible, given that we know that the Polish studio CD Projekt RED is on very good terms with the publisher Bandai-Namco, since they necessarily publish their games, and that we have already seen Geralt land in Soul Calibur VI, another fighting game from the Japanese firm.

Only here, many also point to the fact that the scar of this new fighter does not have the same shape as that of Ciri, but would not it be there precisely to put us on a false track? After all, why hide the face of this new warrior so insistently? We dare to believe it, but if the hope is slim, we should not wait long before having confirmation or not of the thing since this 18th DLC for Tekken 7 arrives in spring 2021.


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