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teenage engineering ‘hack’ my own IKEA collection and you can do that for 3 minutes to read


Back in 2018, IKEA announced a lot of collaborations including Virgil Abloh, adidas, Olafur Eliasson and teenage engineering.

The back of the IKEA x teenage enginereeing collaboration introduces “frekvens”, a collection of LED sound response lights, portable speakers and tripod mounts where you can attach anything to the build. should have a unique setup of their own and of course, all fully compatible with all of the teenage engineering synthesizers.

A few years later, teenage engineering released their own add-ons to this collection as well as released downloadable 3D CAD files for free and used for 3D printing. “To all of you who bought 3D printers but don’t know what to print, teenage engineering gives you the IKEA hack” frekvens “.”

Teenage engineering freelance collection “frekvens” – meaning frequency – released in February 2020, is available at select IKEA stores. Unable to sell its own collection, this Stockholm-based electronics company decided to create their own add-ons to make the collection more playful. Let’s say they hacked the collection somehow themselves and now want us to do the same.

There are 12 “frekvens” teenage engineering hacks, including a handle and a kickstand for the speaker, a wheel for the lights and even a trolley to move your lighting and sound systems around. Each hacking package includes a print-ready model (stl), photo (jpg) and assembly instructions (pdf). These accessories are said to be printed on the prusa i3 MK3 3D printer with PLA filament.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: designboom


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