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The article does not talk about two occupations but will be an interesting mention of the similarities surrounding these two professions.

A profession almost sits still, making friends with the computer while the other job has to work hard for the whole year or even ten years to find glory in ten seconds. What are they related to?

Speed ​​is probably the word that technology people feel most dizzy. Moore's Law says, "The number of semiconductors per square inch will double after each year." And even AMD chip manufacturing company will speak faster than that.

Also with the "speed", it has excreted, killed or dying to know how many technology companies. Demonstrate that with Skype, the big name in VoIP. The ultimate goal in business is profit, but this name has passed through notorious employers ebay and Microsoft. Up to now, there have been more than 25 million members, accounting for 3% of the global traffic bandwidth, but losses are still lost.

When Skype has not been able to find a way out for the revenue problem, it stumbles on the "mother" storm of the mobile * dragging the child storm OTT **. It seems to make Skype even more difficult on the way to find a solution. Not just Skype but Yahoo! Messenger is also a victim of similar circumstances.

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In an athletic run and especially a marathon, requires a strength, a tactic, and a sense of sharpness to break through. Meanwhile, in the field of technology, it seems that any reputable company is slow to name the "mobile".

Up to 60% of users use Facebook on mobile, and sometimes there are some ads when the area is small, the click frequency is extremely low compared to the web version. Google is not much better when there are currently 37% of users searching on mobile and there seems to be no Google Adwords payment results appearing on mobile environments. Google can only grow by 3% on mobile from 2012 – 2013 according to eMarketer. It was also the fastidious guy named mobile who had sown the world's leading chip maker, Intel, when Qualcomm quickly preceded the throne in the mobile chip segment (smartphone) with the brand. SnapDragon chip. Intel has just launched several chip-tested smartphones for mobile phones and has not been widely accepted because it only works with mid-range manufacturers. Those are the typical examples that almost every famous technology company is struggling with when the mobile storm hits.

Hard training
Athletes spend their youth, sometimes life, to practice. So are technology companies.

Rovio Company, the managing unit of the popular game Angry Birds. Rovio is an outsourcing company for big guys like EA, Realnetworks and Namco. By 2006, Rovio had to cut from 50 to 12 employees and face the risk of bankruptcy. Their last attempt was to spend three years and $ 100,000 to produce "angry birds" in 2009. By February 2010, Angry Birds "hit the shelves" of Apple Store and became a phenomenon. Before having Angry Birds, Rovio's "mechanic" developed more than 50 other anonymous games.

Or like social networks sharing Pinterest images. After only 4 months of release, only 200 members were received, no service started so badly. In the first year, almost Pinterest only worked quietly in Silicon Valley. Ben Silbermann, Pinterest CEO, former Google employee, shared that he seemed to have to ask to go back to Google for this gloom. But with constant efforts, his team has experienced about 50 interface changes and eventually resonated with the pinboard-style interface, which brings Pinterest today.

* Mobile, the intention to mention the trend of moving from PC and laptop to mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, collectively called mobile.

** OTT stands for Over The Top, which is understood as applications for mobile communication (chat) together such as Telegram, Viber, Zalo, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk …


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