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Technology items – General deal of 18/7 promotion

Samsung The Space 32 "computer monitor costs 8.49 million, JBL Xtreme mobile speaker costs 3.29 million, HP backpack 15.6 price of 250,000 VND are outstanding incentives on July 18.

You can share more promotion deals below. International deal you can contact the service of buying households from the US. The above promotion deals may change the price due to the end of the promotion code or the expiration of the promotion period.

Bluetooth Speaker and Baseus Encok E09 Alarm Clock

Selling price is VND 590,000 VND 472,000

Baseus Encok E09 is a 3w Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock, offering a more impressive listening experience with stereo and detailed sound quality. LED display clock, set up 2 hours of alarm, integrated FM radio broadcast capability. Built-in battery for 40-hour standby time.

Product link here

Backpack HP 15.6 value Backpack

Selling price of VND 480,000 decreases VND 250,000

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HP 15.6 Value Backpack backpack is designed with modern style, personality, sewn on high quality fabric. The strap has a length that is easy to adjust, so you can easily change it depending on your preference of short or long wear. Backpack suitable for many types of widgets, especially suitable for those who are moving.

Product link here

LG FC1409D4E Inverter Front Door Washer

Price of VND 20,110,000 decreased 11,550,000 VND (enter code 7QM300)

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LG FC1409D4E washing machine has an Allergy Care cycle that uses water and temperature to create sterilized steam. Inverter technology uses direct drive, integrates drying function, 6 motion DD washing mechanism is modeled by human hand. The NFC On feature can download additional washing programs or can be diagnosed via smartphones.

Product link here

The Space Samsung LS32R750UEEXXV Screen

Selling price is VND 16,990,000 reduced VND 8,450,000

Samsung The Space LS32R750UEEXXV display brings a minimalist design using a grip stand to the side of the table and uses a support bar to allow adjustment to suit the user's view. Screen size 32 "4K @ 60Hz resolution, VA panel, display color resolution sRGB 101%

Product link here

JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker

Selling price decreased VND 5,990,000 VND 3,290,000 (enter HOTJBL code)


The JBL Xtreme speaker is designed for outdoor activities with a capacity of about 40W and 10,000 mAh battery capacity that can operate up to about 15 hours. The loudspeaker is protected by a fabric-like knit cover made of nylon fiber, with stylish, water-resistant zippers. Bluetooth 4.1 speaker support, USB connection capable of charging for mobile devices quickly.

Product link here

Oculus Go 32GB Virtual Reality Glasses

The price of $ 200 decreases $ 149 (enter code 75SZC7)

Product link here

SSD Hard Drive Samsung T5 2TB

Price of $ 369.99 decreased $ 299.99

Product link here

Xiaomi Mitu Trimmer For Children
Selling price of VND 800,000 decreases VND 450,000

Product link here


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