Technology goods – General deal promotion on May 31st

Fujifilm X-E3 camera with kit lens costs 19.85 million; DareU EK87 mechanical keyboard costs VND 479,000; Baseus charger 3 USB ports cost VND 180,000 are outstanding deals on May 31st.

You can share more promotion deals below. International deal you can contact the service of buying households from the United States. The above promotion deals may change the price due to the end of the promotion code or the expiration of the promotion period.

Charge Baseus 3 USB-CCALL Port
Selling price is VND 280,000 reduced VND 180,000

Charge Baseus with 3 USB ports for maximum power supply 5V-3.4A. Which includes 1 USB 5V-1A port for low-power charging devices. The remaining two ports support up to 5V-2.4A for each port. The display LED indicates the voltage, current used for charging the device.

Product link here

Teka HLB 840 Acoustic Electric Oven
The price of VND 24,849,000 decreased VND 9,699,000 (enter UUDAI300 code)

Loading Teka-HLB-840.jpg ...

Teka HLB 840 electric oven with capacity of 70L is designed under the kitchen from the kitchen. The product integrates multi-function baking, quick-heating function, self-timer, defrosting. Touch panel with LED display, convection fan help circulate heat throughout the oven to help the dish cook evenly.

Product link here

Kangaroo KG197 Halogen Glass Oven
Selling price 990,000 VND to 499,000 VND

Loading Kangaroo-KG197.jpg ...

Kangaroo KG197 Halogen Oven with glass pot with heat core heating system with infrared light and convection fan help process food in baking, defrosting, warming, roti, fried, dry … Button system by screw, fire protection thermal relay, power 1.200W – 1.400W.

Product link here

Fujifilm X-E3 Lens Camera 18-55mm
Price decreased 32,890,000 VND VND 19,850,000 (enter code 5CE1T)

Fujifilm X-E3 with a retro-style rangefinder, compact design. It has quite powerful hardware with 24.3 MP X-Trans III sensor, 325 point focus system, ISO from 100-51,200 and 4K movie recording capability, uncompressed RAW images. It also supports Bluetooth that simplifies data exchange by Wi-Fi with mobile devices.

Product link here

DareU EK87 Mechanical Keyboard
Selling price of VND 620,000 decreases VND 479,000

Loading DareU-EK87.jpg ...

The DareU EK87 keyboard with a compact tenkeyless design (omitted keystroke) is suitable for gamers, easy to carry. The keyboard is equipped with a "D" switch with over 50 million clicks, integrating black LED inside the switch and with a transparent switch (topcover), giving the impression of typing.

Product link here

Capacitive Touch Pen 2 In 1 Baseus
Selling price is VND 350,000 VND 161,100 (enter CAPMP10 code)


Baseus touch pen with capacitive touch technology compatible with smartphone or tablet models using Android. Pen possesses zinc alloy material and silicone. Pen is not compatible with Windows 2-in-1 laptop.

Product link here

Netgear network device
Standard Wi-Fi adapter ac1200 (Factory Reconditioned row): price 34.99 USD
Set of Wi-Fi Mesh Orbi RBK43 network (3 devices): price USD 199.99

Product link here

Combo Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Video Head and 546B Pro Tripod
Sale price $ 899 Reduced $ 450

Loading Manfrotto-Nitrotech-N8-Video-Head - & - 546B-Pro-Tripod-with-Mid-Level-Spreader.jpg ...

Product link here

Smk-Link Hub 3 USB 3.0 Connection Ports and USB Type C
Price $ 30 Reduced $ 15

Loading Smk-link-3-Port-USB-3.0-Type-A-Hub-with-HDMI-Port - & - USB-Type-C-Connector.jpg ...

The USB-C Smk-link adapter supports splitting up to 3 USB 3.0 ports and the HDMI port supports 4K ready. The cord has a suitable length to connect multiple devices to almost all USB-C ports, without being entangled. Hub does not need additional power supply.

Product link here

Apple Smart Keyboard iPad 10.5
Price of $ 159 decreased $ 79.50

(video is illustrative)

The iPad Pro 10.5 keyboard uses contact connectors that are inhaled by magnets, cum screensaver covers. Edge folding design can erect iPad stand for watching movies, watching content. The keyboard is water resistant, improving durability when used.

Product link here

SmartLamp Philips LED 259515 Bloom
The price of $ 60 decreases $ 47.42

Loading philips-bloom-led.jpg ...

Philips Hue Bloom has a circular shape with tilt angle, supports changing colors, controlled by Philips app. Lights require a central controller (hub) to operate, which can be linked to Google Assistant or Alexa.

Product link here


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